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I am on a Journey...
New South Wales
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...to explore and discover games of all shapes and sizes regardless of colour, condition or creed

BorderCon 2016 - Sold Out!!!

Tickets go on sale Feb 15th at 9am.

Get one before they are all gone - spots limited!!!

Yep we are fully booked. If you grabbed a golden ticket congrats and we look forward to seeing you. If not keep an eye out for announcements for 2017.



Game Ratings

Ok I finally decided I need to implement a new game rating set of comments to define what my ratings mean. I'm not one for re-inventing the wheel when someone else has done fine work so I am adopting the Dakarp method -

10: Outstanding game. One of my all-time personal favorites.
9: Excellent game. Always a pleasure to play. Shines under most circumstances.
8: Very good game. Rarely disappoints me. High on my request/recommend list.
7: Good game. Usually willing to play. I might even request or recommend it.
6: OK game. Some fun or challenge at least. Enjoyable in the right circumstances.
5: Average game. I'm indifferent, but may be willing to play.
4: Below average game. I avoid playing and would need to be persuaded.
3: Poor game. Will strongly resist playing.
2: Very poor game. I refuse to play this.
1: Dead game. Seriously negative entertainment value. Black Hole of Fun.



Recently Played Games


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My Gaming Journey

Early Beginnings - My first real entry into gaming (beyond family games) was the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series. From there I found like minded souls in high school and that lead to many an Ameritrash game such as Shogun, Axis & Allies, Battletech and Space Hulk.

20's - During uni I hit Magic: The Gathering hard and tried out things like Titan but then I began work and life and girls got very much in the way.

Mid 20's - By my mid 20's I discovered Settlers and the world of Euros was opened to me and this new form of 'strategy game'.

Then my girlfriend tried BloodBowl with me and played many seasons through.

Late 20's - Upon returning home to start a new career in teaching I discovered the local FLGS that held a great range of all game types. I now delved head first into all forms of gaming and before I new it I was a gamer, collector, reviewer and mad game fan.

My 30s - I still like most style of games but currently I am deep into a thematic game addiction with racing games a close second. I have moved away from the heavier style euros and prefer my euros to be of a light/medium weight and dice allocation mechanisms are a winner with me.

Race for the Galaxy is the bees knees when it comes to card games although the deck shuffling is getting a little less palatable.

Ok as I get closer to 40 Race has dropped off and Ascension and Summoner Wars are the new crack of the decade.

Today - My boys are now at that great age of 13, 11 and 10 and more able and willing to try new games and take in more complex rule sets. They very much are at the heart of my game playing today. King of Tokyo, Memoir '44, Queen's Gambit and 7 Wonders are king of the hill at present (2012). In the next few years I hope to get them into BattleTech, BloodBowl, Descent and Claustrophobia.

My gaming pals and I have fully immersed ourselves in Descent for the last 2 years or so, playing through all things 1 ed. and about to embark on Road to Legend soon. Descent 2nd ed. will also be played alongside it.

Family and Loved Ones - I am currently experiencing Life 2.0, having separated from my wife of 10 years. My 3 boys are the joys of my life and I have been very lucky to meet someone totally amazing in Annie. She puts the 'oot' in cute and not only supports my passions but is one of them too -

Annie Flavel
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Oh we're from Tigerland, a fighting fury, we're from Tigerland....Yellow and Black....We're from TI-GER-LAND!!!!

The Thomson Lads



After 10 years my local club (Border Games Albury-Wodonga) called it a day as the weekly grind just got too much. After a 5 month hiatus we felt it was time to do something again and now use a once a month model. The club does not officially exist as we play these sessions more socially but anyone is welcome to come on down and join in the fun.

We now play out of a new local game store called 'The 13th Dimension'.

The club still officially runs the great BorderCon event every June but any costs are met by a few of us rather than from club funds as was the model in the past.

Regular gaming cons that I attend annually are -

CanCon [Canberra - Jan] mb

BorderCon [Albury - June] mb

ConCentric [Adelaide - September] mb

ConVic [Melbourne - November] mb


BGG Contributions


Game Reviews are my main contribution to BGG and consume most of my time. They have evolved substantially over the years and I currently have over 300 posted.

The following Geeklist contains links to all of the reviews I have written and includes an Index to help you find each category quickly -

My Review Geeklist for Easy Reference


Some of the more interesting Lists that I maintain on a regular basis or serve as a good resource for BGG include -

4 Friends, Some Beer and a Gaming Place (The Pact)

Crazy Acts of Gaming

Geeks of Habit - Our Regular BGG Obsessions

Session Reports

I like to write narrative based session reports. Some of the more interesting series include -

The Thomson Boys Do HeroQuest

Tales from the Galaxy - Novelty Goods Incorporated

Strategy Articles

I have written a series of Memoir '44 Strategy Guides that continue to be ongoing when I get the time. They all began with -

Pegasus Bridge - A Strategy Guide


I created the SoccerGeeks F.C. Guild as a place for Football fans to chill out and discuss this other passion that some of us have. If you like the round ball game come and join us for a chat and other extras like Fantasy Football competitions.

Profile Data

My Hot 10 is a combo of games I am really enjoying at the moment (1-5) and games I am dying to play, often already in my collection (6-10). I try to keep this updated as much as possible.


Microbadges I Have My Eye On



Get to Know me a Little Better - My 20 Geek Questions Answered

mbmb- mbWhen did you join BoardGameGeek?
The 8th of March 2006 but I lurked for 9 months before jumping in feet first

mbmb- mbWhen did you start recording your game plays?
January 14, 2006. Since then I have logged on average just over 4 games a day! (not including expansions)

mbmb- mbWhere do you live?
Regional City called Albury in the state of New South Wales, Australia

mbmb- mbWhere is the furthest place you have lived from your current home?
Melbourne, 330Kms from Albury

mbmb- mbDo you have any pets?
No pets

mbmb- mbIs anyone from your game group also on BoardGameGeek?
One other guy in particular and now my gorgeous girlfriend!

mbmb- mbWhat are your hobbies ourside of BoardGameGeek?
Trying to stay fit with hiking, running and squash but I don't think of them as hobbies as such. Gaming is really all I have time for - I like to read though.

Fitness not going so well at present.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite reading material?
Fantasy books mainly bit I like to seek out good sci-fi material too. I've really enjoyed Asimov's works, EndersGame was awesome and I'm currently reading the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Always have 10+ rulebooks on the bedside table.

mbmb- mbWhere do you play your games?
Mostly at my apartment.

mbmb- mbWhat is your current favorite board game?
Right now it is Descent for sure. Loving the heck out of 1st ed. and keen to try 2nd ed. too.

Summoner Wars has also been big in 2012/13. Revolver and Wurfel Bohnanza have been hits in 2013.

But Memoir '44 is my fav game of all time and really I prefer to think of my fav games in categories so I can include more!

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite game type?
I love Ameritrash type games. Anything with some dice rolling and a few miniatures are awesome. Dice based Euros are awesome too - Kingsburg and Stone Age are great and I am keen to try Macao, Troyes and Castles of Burgundy.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite party game/activity?
Twister at a swingers party...ok I made that up!

Truthfully - telestrations and Dixit

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite abstract game?
Hive...but I regard games like Streetsoccer and Dungeon Twister to be abstract in nature and I prefer them both

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite wargame?
Memoir '44 if I can stretch the definition that far...The Hunters is likely to be my favourite true wargame when I crack it out.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favourite card based game?
Summoner Wars is ahead of Race for the Galaxy for me now! Revolver is a close second and Ascension is just so playable.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite print and play?
It would be D-Day Dice and now I have the published version!

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite game theme?
I love fantasy...call me boring but there you go

mbmb- mbWhat is your most prized board game?
In terms of value...Star Wars: Queen's Gambit...in terms of love...probably HeroQuest for the nostalgia. For collection it would be Memoir '44.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite RPG?
Don't really have one but I do have fond memoiries of Robotech RPG from my late teens and I read and collected the heck out of D&D 2nd Ed. but rarely played it.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite Videogame?
Legend of Zelda series as a whole. Again for nostalgia it would be Warlords and Warlords II for PC.


Geek Fu

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Last Profile Update: 2016-03-13
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Country: flag Australia
State: New South Wales
Town/City: Lavington
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Top 10
#1: Memoir '44
#2: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
#3: 7 Wonders
#4: Arcadia Quest
#5: The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43
#6: Summoner Wars
#7: Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit
#8: Star Realms
#9: Race for the Galaxy
#10: Stone Age
Hot 10
#1: CV
#2: Love Letter: Batman
#3: Tides of Time
#4: Codenames
#5: Elysium
#6: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
#7: The Castles of Burgundy
#8: Clash of Cultures
#9: Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game
#10: Flash Point: Fire Rescue
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