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I'm an experienced illustrator, realistic digital and traditional painter, capable of many styles and genres (realistic, cartoon, comic, 'stylized'...), graphic designer (including corporate...logos, brochures...) for print and web design, comic creator, video game artist, digital 3D sculptor(modeler), promotional video editor and web coder (XHTML, CSS, responsive sites, jQuery integration...). All acquired and learnt while working at many companies of different nature, during many years (I'm 43). It does not apply for this industry, but I even do a bit of 3D character animation.

I can adapt to any graphic style, of already existing content, or another graphic feel/line wished/planned by the game designer. Of course, I also love to create in any of my own styles. I mean this for both painting/drawing and graphic design.

Besides having these skills, I am 3D modeler specialized in characters(human, creatures, etc) creation. I can make models that could be sent to a 3D printing company to generate your game figures for your prototype. I count on experience on 3D printing. I do handle both modeling and texturing (in case needed). Also some character animation. All this in both optimized low and high polygon count.(miniatures require high polygon count, mostly.)

A lot of my work can't be shown just yet, as is waiting to be published by several game designers. Other, had permanent non-disclosure clauses. Still, you can see a small sample at my portfolio site :


Also, I'm Santiago, the main illustrator for Tau Ceti: Planetary Crisis, by Outer Limits Games, a fabulous, deep, extremely well thought and designed, very immersive board game in the Sci-Fi theme, for which I also helped in the card template design matter,(although a lot of graphic design work has been done by Mike Strickland for in-game graphics) and I also did some modeling (not the spaceships, only their new added stands), and also, the orbital ship and several 3D renders. The game is being a great success, for which I am both honored and happy.

Another project in which I have worked, and that has been also extremely successful, is a card game called Boss Monster II, by Brotherwise games. It is an absolute major hit in the US and beyond. These two gentle and creative brothers (Chris and Johnny O’Neal) took the risk of going for a very interesting take for their card game, Boss Monsters (the success motivated them to do a second part). They decided to use pixel art aesthetics, and print it so that it could be enjoyed as is, as pixel art in all of its glory. It was printed very nicely. (once again, thank you guys for the game copy! ) For this game, I was not the main artist: My part was only making some of the backgrounds,(used for the cards' content) as you can see at my site, here, just scroll a pair of collage/mock-ups images, and you will see the images for Boss Monster II. As mentioned, I worked only in the backgrounds, the characters were created by other artist. It was an absolutely great experience, loved working with them.

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