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Andrew Garttmeyer
United States
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"My name is Andrew, and I am addicted to Board Gaming."

Like many Americans the first board games I can recall playing were Monopoly, Life, and Careers. My friends and I used to change the final score in Careers from 60 to 300, just to make the game last all afternoon.

Eventually I would be introduced to Role Playing Games by the youngest curmudgeon I still have ever met. D&D, Marvel Super Heroes, and Warhammer had my imagination running wild and I wanted to play them all the time. Problem was with such a jerk of a Dungeon Master (the guy who runs the game) I quickly fell out of love for these games and began getting my fantasy fix through a game called Talisman.

There was not much to the game mechanics-wise, but something about that fantasy world had me coming back over and over. I loved that game so much I would play it all by myself controlling four different characters for hours. Another game that set the tone for my tastes in boardgames was Hero Quest, it introduced an element to DM'ing that did not require a huge storyline and world created by the Game Master, and I loved it.

I left these games in my childhood for a long time until one day a friend that I played Magic the Gathering with brought up my old acquaintance, Talisman. Ever since I lost my 2nd ed. with all of the expansions I always wanted another copy. My search for Talisman brought me to a website we all know and love, BoardGameGeek.com, and I have never turned back.

After visiting a LFGS to pick up the new Black Industries version of Talisman I also grabbed Ticket to Ride, this was very late in 2007. I spent the next two years building my collection, and finally the New Year of 2010 I vowed to record every play. Although I missed my first two years of recording plays, I remember every one of those games because I took a picture and drank a beer with nearly every one. One day I may create a geeklist about it.

My Avatars:
These ended up being my journey through discovering craft beer. My first avatar was Young's Double Chocolate Stout, than moved on to Hoegaarden, than Cuvee Des Jacobins, to now a brewery by me that I am just in love with, 'Tired Hands'. CHEERS!

This is my wife and I on our honeymoon in Hawaii. We are standing in front of Pololu Valley on the Big Island (9/23/09).

Our two month old, Allie, and year and a half old Bernese Mountain Dog, Oscar (as of 9/18/11).

I love Music in a very wide range of styles. Take a look at what I have been listening to since the beginning of 2011.

I have an on and off again relationship with World of Warcraft, currently I am off (02/26/16).

Really enjoying getting back into my console gaming. Shame Nintendo does not track all the gloriousness I have achieved in Zeldas, Marios, Final Fantasies, and plenty other gems (12/16/12).

Explanations for all my lists....I like lists.

I am itching to play again ASAP.

I own and have not played yet. angry

Games I want to own, by buying, trade, or otherwise.

Older or out of print games I am interested in.

I would love to play these games, if only there was more time!

Very interested in owning these titles.

Games that are ready to be culled from my collection. These games are for sale as well, feel free to make an offer.

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Last Profile Update: 2016-04-22
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Country: flag United States
State: Pennsylvania
Town/City: Warminster
Website: http://www.facebook.com/agarttmeyer
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Battle.Net Account: AGarttmeyer@gmail.com
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3 18   (4.7%)
2 6   (1.6%)
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Board Game Expansion Ratings 40
Average Rating 6.83
10 2   (5.0%)
9 4   (10.0%)
8 4   (10.0%)
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6 14   (35.0%)
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Top 10
#1: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
#2: Terra Mystica
#3: El Grande
#4: The Pillars of the Earth
#5: Tichu
#6: Power Grid
#7: Talisman
#8: Dominant Species
#9: Chaos in the Old World
#10: Firenze
Hot 10
#1: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
#2: Ginkgopolis
#3: Asgard
#4: Archon: Glory & Machination
#5: Elfenland
#6: Mice and Mystics
#7: Mage Knight Board Game
#8: Hare & Tortoise
#9: Condottiere
#10: Cacao
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