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All reality is a game. Physics at its most fundamental, the very fabric of our universe, results directly from the interaction of certain fairly simple rules, and chance... (Iain Banks)

Dear ANZAC Secret Santa -

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Dear SANZACTA - I completely understand about Key Market.
It is a limited edition: I believe there are legal reasons
why it will never be reprinted. Hence the crazy prices -
collectors and a few avid fans. The solution may be to make
a copy from scratch. Meanwhile there's no harm in hoping:
You gotta have a dream,
if you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?

But for Rudolph's sake I will be thrilled by the alternative.
Thank you - happy landings.

mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb

Dear SANZACTA - thank you for your message.
All is well, but if your Elf needs any assistance
please encourage him or her to contact me.
Merry Christmas and a smooth, fair-weather flight.

mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb mb

I hope you have a good nights work, with clean chimneys and plentiful cheery offerings from all the good boys and girls. I know you have a long way to go, but please pause to enjoy

mb , mb or even some mb

My wishlist is very long, and full of games I want to play (rather than wanting to own). There are also a lot of games listed there that I don't want.

In other words, my wishlist isn't much help to you.

So here is a list of games that I really do wish for. Some of them might be hard to find, but others should be available with little trouble. If it helps to save postage, I am happy to go to Milsims, Clasic Comics, Spieldeluxe, Good Games in Blackburn, Joe Dodgy Games or Gatekeeper Games. Finally, Julian Clark is a great source for games, and I expect to see him at the ens of November: his online store is at

The list!

Grail Game

mb mb mb Key Market (a man can dream)

"Must Have"

Captains of Industry

Food Chain Magnate


"Love to Have"

Between Two Cities

Fresh Fish


Russian Railroads: German Railroads
NB: Not Russian Railroads - I have that already

"Like to Have"

Concordia: Salsa

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Alliance

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Dominion

Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Storm

Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness

Eldritch Horror: Forsaken Lore

Eldritch Horror: Strange Remnants


Five Tribes


Last Night on Earth: Blood in the Forest




Porta Nigra

Thunder Alley

An Alternative to Games?!

Santa, I know it can be difficult to find items for someone with a big collection. If none of these games is easy to obtain, there are three graphic novels I would like to own. These are a perfectly good alternative, and if all else fails they are on Amazon:

Blake & Mortimore: The Secret of the Swordfish

Amazon links:
Part 1: Ruthless Pursuit
Part 2: Mortimer's Escape
Part 3: SX1 Counterattacks

Here are my mailing details:

Rob Shankly
PO Box 3044

With best wishes,


G'day to you!

My name is Rob, I live in Melbourne, Australia, with my partner Erin and several pets. I have always been a gamer; happily for me my parents and grandparents played cards and boardgames. Best of all, Erin is a keen gamer too - that's how we met.

In addition to board and card games, I am an enthusiastic RPG player and writer. My other interests are detective fiction, photography, military history, cookery, bonsai and craft.

mb I am on Google+ here.

mb Also Twitter, @Ozludo, look for #ozbgg

mb And here is my NearbyGamers profile.

mb Reluctantly, I am on Facebook here.

mb Sporadic photo uploads. I hope you like them.

mb MelbourneGamers: the place for info about Melbourne gaming!

mb Melbourne Boardgame Groups on MeetUp

mb Billabong Boardgamers

mb Bordercon - the best games gathering in Australia

mb Monash University Role-Players

mb Monash University Boardgames Society

mb A Guild for Colourblind Gamers

mb Colourblindness and Games (that's color-blindness for our US friends) Keywords: colour, color, colourblind, colorblind, colour-blind, color-blind, colour blind, color blind.

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Registration Date: 2007-02-16
Last Profile Update: 2015-12-01
Last Login: 2016-02-14
Country: flag Australia
State: Victoria
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