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Pablo Schulman
Belo Horizonte
Minas Gerais
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I like duality.

Duality begins early in my life.

For beginners: I'm a Argentinian, living in Brazil. Both hate each other. Unfortunately I can't be just a Brazilian or just an Argentinian, so I had to love both or hate both. I choose the later (kiddin' I try to be impartial).

I'm the one that in discussions, uses the most radical arguments. I like being polemic and disagreeing. When you disagree you cause discussions, that causes thinking, that causes new knowledges.

Disagree > Discussions > Thinking > New Knowledges > Maybe New Agreement (Maybe devil )

Simple, right?

Unfornately I can never agree with myself and change opinion fast, therefore I start a new discussion and I'm always forced to think about my beliefs, opinions, acts. I like thinking.

And I like games. So, we reach my favourite genre of games. Abstract Strategy Games. I love it! From the bottom of my heart.

Finishing this text: My avatar is a picture of my mind. Complex, Upside down, Confusing and Abstract.

My Rating System

I only rate games I have ever played. My rating system takes in consideration two aspects:

A) my willlingness to play the game again: no discussing here

B) the excellence of the design: I don’t think I’m qualified enough to say what is good and what is bad, but I know what I THINK is good or bad (so take it with a grain of salt).

Throughout my ratings, one or another takes priority but are interwoven (for example, I might not think a game is groundbreaking, but it is enjoyable and plays fast so I rate it highly; sometimes I know the design is solid, but it’s not for me, then I rate it low).

d10-1My thresold rating number is 6, as to say, that’s my personal passing mark.
d10-2Go is the only game I rate a 10, that’s more for the design’s qualities than my willingness to play it.
d10-3I’m willing to give another chance to games on 4.
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Registration Date: 2011-10-01
Last Profile Update: 2013-01-04
Last Login: 2015-04-26
Country: flag Brazil
State: Minas Gerais
Town/City: Belo Horizonte
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4 7   (3.8%)
3 3   (1.6%)
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Top 10
#1: Go
#2: Tammany Hall
#3: Libertalia
#4: Chicago Express
#5: King of Tokyo
#6: Alien Frontiers
#7: China
#8: Troyes
#9: Coloretto
#10: VivaJava: The Coffee Game
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