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Isidoros Sarantinos
N.Smyrni, Athens
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Hi, I am a civil engineer currently living in Athens, Greece.

Regarding my board gaming background, everything started around March 2009, when I was surfing the Internet waves, having a break from composing my thesis at NTUA.

{I always had a feeling for games, but never found the right company so that this feeling would become a passion. During my youth, I was playing a lot of sessions of AD&D and Magic the Gathering and some commercial games such as Taboo, Trivial Pursuit etc.}

So here I am, having a look at an online store, googling afterwards a game title and a site with a funny name pops up among the results : www.boardgamegeek.com!!!

wow "Wow, is there really a site only for boardgames?!"

So, I found out that there are a lot (unknown to me 'til then) of board games out there; more than I could imagine! After checking some of them, I chose one or two I liked the most and I decided to buy them!

As of 2014 : my collection has expanded and I have tried several games from different genres. I think I am inclined to eurogames/family games, without disregarding the intriguing factor of a thematic game or a wargame - the "luck" factor, though, seems to discourage me from getting a lot of plays. My gaming group (consisting equally by male and female players) enjoys "lighter" games - maybe this is the case.

In general, I prefer games rich in theme such as medieval fantasy and World War II, cooperative play and strategy games independent to luck (as much as possible).

Greek Secret Santa 2014:
Αγαπημένε μου Άγιε!
Θα σου γράψω γράμμα και όλα! Σου έγραψα γράμμα, ελπίζω να το είδες και.. να το κατάλαβες! Ποτέ δεν έπαψα να πιστεύω σε εσένα!
Απλά θέλω λίγο χρόνο γιατί έχω υποχρεώσεις (για να διαμορφώσω τη wishlist μου!) Ετοίμασα την ευχολίστα μου, η οποία όμως δεν είναι δεσμευτική. Γνωρίζω ότι τα must have παιχνίδια είναι αρκετά ακριβά, οπότε μη διστάσεις να πας στα love / like to have.

Ξεκαθαρίζω ότι δε συμμετέχω στη διαδικασία για να ξεζουμίσω το Σάντα μου, απλά μοιραία μετά από αρκετά χρόνια ενασχόλησης με τα επιτραπέζια, προσανατολίζομαι σε πιο βαριά παιχνίδια που δυστυχώς κοστίζουν παραπάνω! (είδες πόσο καλό παιδί είμαι; Πήγαινε τώρα να μου πάρεις το CC:Europe! αστειεύομαι φυσικά)

Περιμένω μήνυμά σου!

Games I've played recently :

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