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Why is there no Word Games Forum or Subdomain?
There should be a Word Games Subdomain, or at least a Word Games Forum!
I'm a good guy. Must I call myself a geek? My nerd rating is only about 25%, which I'll admit is higher then the average person in the general population. But I say that a true nerd must be at least 50%. If you'd like to know more about me, send me a GeekMail. I'll be happy to answer any questions. Otherwise, I'll assume you really don't want to hear every little detail about my life.

I particularly like "geometric dynamic" games. By that I mean games that have moving pieces on a geometric board. Like chess, Torres, Terrace, RoboRally, and many other games that I've rated highly. I also like many geometric, non-dynamic games as well, such as Blokus, Rumis, Ingenius, Quirkle, etc.

And I like lots of other games too.

I'm also single. I'd love to find a girlfriend whom I can play these games with, especially one that can give me a good challenge.

1) Abstract does not mean "no theme".
2) Theme is not the same as simulation.
3) A game can have some luck or hidden information and still be an Abstract Game, or an Abstract Strategy Game (whichever term you prefer).
4) A game can play for more than two players and still be an Abstract.
5) The distinction between "Eurogames" and "Ameritrash" has nothing to do with presence or absence of theme, or the presence or absence of strategy, or whether the theme came first or the mechanics came first. It has to do with the presence or absence of direct conflict, violence, building an "engine", etc. It has to do with what the theme actually *is*.
6) All games have three different "difficulty levels": Rules-Difficulty, Turn-Difficulty, and Win-Difficulty. A game like Go has very simple rules, so it has a low R-difficulty, but the strategy needed to be a truly good player (one who wins a good portion of the time) is much more difficult. It has a high W-difficulty. Eurogames tend to have a high T-difficulty, which is why they produce "turn agony" and trigger "analysis paralysis".

And one more fact about me and my games that I want to keep track of and don't have any special place to document it:

There are 14 games in my collection that I have never played at all. This includes a 8 games that I acquired for free or cheap, and don't really have much interest in playing. So really there are only six games in my collection that I've never played, and actually want to play.
There are 15 games in my collection that I've played, but never played with my copy.

"Love is its own thing," he said, shaking his head in helpless wonderment. "And it, uh, really messes with the dice." -- Clay, Erfworld, by Rob Balder
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Registration Date: 2006-05-24
Last Profile Update: 2012-10-12
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Country: flag United States
State: California
Town/City: Fountain Valley
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Top 10
#1: RoboRally
#2: Cosmic Encounter
#3: Advanced Civilization
#4: Torres
#5: Blokus 3D
#6: Arimaa
#7: Iron Dragon
#8: Hive
#9: Catan
#10: Carcassonne
Hot 10
#1: For the Crown (First edition)
#2: Vie
#3: Ora et Labora
#4: Martian Rails
#5: Sticheln
#6: Primordial Soup
#7: Terra Nova
#8: POD
#9: Ginkgopolis
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