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Doug Faust
United States
New York
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Hi! I'm a boardgamer who currently lives in Long Island, NY, but I lived in New Jersey for a long time, and I travel a lot to gaming events in the mid-Atlantic region (and occasionally further abroad).

My gaming preferences skew toward deep, thinky eurogames. One thing I really like to do in games is plan my moves multiple turns in advance. Other game mechanics I'm a big fan of include pick-up-and-deliver, auctions in which you're bidding on lots of things simultaneously and everyone gets something, and card combos that let me build up an engine that's really different from anyone else's. Things I tend not to like include cooperative play, intense negotiation, direct conflict (at least in multiplayer games), player-enforced balance, and brainless fillers.

I really like learning new games! Being able to explore a rules set for the first time is one of my favorite parts of gaming. However, as I've learned more and more games, finding good new-to-me games is becoming more and more difficult. My "hot games" is a list of games that I'm the most anxious to learn. I try not to buy too many games (why buy tons of games if most of the time you only want to play them once?), so I spend a lot of my focus (and money) on traveling to conventions to learn new games.

I'm one of those people who makes the yearly pilgrimage to the World Boardgaming Championships, which is the one time of year when I take a break from learning as many games as possible to compete in some old favorites. I've had some pretty good success there, winning events in Notre Dame (2009), Vegas Showdown (2013), and TransAmerica (2013).

I'm also a playtester for Quixotic Games, designer Andrew Parks's design studio. I have playtest credits for Ideology: The War of Ideas (2003), Camelot Legends (2004), Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean (2005), The Nightmare Before Christmas TCG (2005), 300: The Board Game (2007), Hogwarts: House Cup Challenge (2008), Core Worlds (2011), and Canterbury (2013). I was also a playtester for Decipher's Star Wars Customizable Card Game and The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game.

I go to a lot of conventions. Here's a list of conventions I've attended:

2015: Dreamation, ConnCon, WBC (planned), FalCon (probably), EuroQuest (probably), BGG.Con (planned)
2014: GCOM Game Days, Origins, WBC, FalCon, EuroQuest, BGG.Con
2013: Dreamation, ConnCon, GCOM Game Days, WBC, EuroQuest, BGG.Con
2012: ConnCon, GCOM Game Days, WBC, EuroQuest, BGG.Con
2011: ConnCon, GCOM Game Days, Dexcon, WBC, EuroQuest, BGG.Con
2010: GCOM Game Days, Dexcon, WBC, EuroQuest, BGG.Con
2009: GCOM Game Days, Origins, Dexcon, WBC, UberCon, EuroQuest, BGG.Con
2008: GCOM Game Days, Origins, Dexcon, GenCon Indy, EuroQuest, BGG.Con
2007: Origins, GenCon Indy, UberCon, EuroQuest
2006: Origins, GenCon Indy
2005: Origins, GenCon Indy
2004: PrezCon, Origins, GenCon Indy
2003: PrezCon, Origins, GenCon Indy, Dragon*Con
2002: Origins, Dragon*Con
2001: Origins, FreedomCon
2000: DecipherCon
1999: DecipherCon

Attention Traders! I don't list any games in my want list because I only trade at conventions (typically through math trades). I don't really see the value of spending lots of money on postage. If you really want something that I've listed for trade, either check to see if I'll be at a convention near you, or be willing to wow me with an offer.
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Top 10
#1: Merchant of Venus
#2: Power Grid
#3: Ra
#4: Terra Mystica
#5: Vegas Showdown
#6: Notre Dame
#7: Age of Steam
#8: The Castles of Burgundy
#9: Planet Steam
#10: AquaSphere
Hot 10
#1: Wildcatters
#2: Rolling Freight
#3: Magnum Sal
#4: Rockwell
#5: Canalis
#6: Patchistory
#7: Florenza
#8: Strasbourg
#9: Rails of New England
#10: Lost Valley
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