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Alan Pengelly
United Kingdom
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Dear Secret Santa 2014

Update 27-12-14

Parcel opened - Russian Railroads: very big thanks.

Good news have received a parcel, thank you. Not checked to see what it is, my wife opened it to verify what it was and confirmed that it was a present from BGG secret santa, but I've not peeked to see what it was, I can wait until the 25th.

Thank you in advance for this gift, and all the best for a very merry Christmas.

I've definitely been good this year, though my list is a bit small, sorry about that, I will however trust your judgement if you want to provide something not on my list. In general I'll play most things, though have less of a preference for direct conflict games or co-op games - tend to find most of these end up just being in attendance, either by following the person who shouts loudest, or the moves needed being so obvious there's no point trying to do something else.

If your not a UK native, shipping into the UK is likely to be expensive, so probably best to by from a UK retailer, here's a couple of online shops, both providing excellent service with wide selections:


Also here is a tool for searching for the cheapest prices:


Thank you in advance, and hope you have a great Christmas.


Have been playing games for pretty much my entire life, and do not envisage stopping.
Initially started with the usual - Monopoly, Scrabble, cards, Escape from Colditz, Totopoly, Cribbage, Dominoes, Operation, Chinese chequers, chess, Mah Jong etc. Delved into to rpgs - DD & Gurps primarily about 25 years ago, and then on to games such as Civilisation, SFB, Warlock, Cosmic encounters, Crayon train games and the 18XX's series.
More recently, have been playing the more contempory games - T2R, SOC, Tikal, PR, El Grande, Medici, Modern Art, LOTR, Zooloretto, Alhambra, Carcassonne, Settlers, Shogun, Power Grid, Wasabi, Tzolkin, etc, etc.

In practice will play pretty much anything at least once or twice.

Routinely play games with 3 to 6 players, 2 player games with my wife, and 7/8 player games, (Civilisation, Age of Renaissance, 1870, etc) whenever the opportunity arises.

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#1: Race for the Galaxy
#2: Container
#3: Power Grid
#4: Galaxy Trucker
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