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I dislike the Canadiens. (The hockey team, that is, not people from Canada in general.)
Santa --

That was perfect! I matched your donation plus the MSRP of Brink of War. Those role selection wheels are FANTASTIC too -- I can't wait to use them!

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas present and I wish you all the best in 2015!


Hi Santa!

I got your package yesterday! There was a little drama because FedEx delievered it to the wrong address (7s, 2s, what's the difference?) but it's safely in my hands now.

It was very naughty of you asking me to wait until Christmas to open them! But I'll do as you wish; it's never a good idea to anger Santa. I'll bring the envelope home with me and open it on Christmas; the actual present will have to wait until I return to LA.

Of course, you didn't say anything about *feeling* the gifts, so I did! It feels like there's a card and a piece of paper in the envelope, so I have a strong guess as to what that is The game was a very nice surprise too -- you didn't have to do that! Comparing its size with games on my wishlist, I'm going to guess one of the RftG expansions...fingers crossed that it's Brink of War because someone gave me Alien Artifacts for my birthday. (No worries if it's AA though...I'll make my friend exchange his gift for something else!)

Happy Holidays and thank you!

P.S. I've posted to the 2014 Edition of Look What My SS Sent Me.



Hi! I have plenty of games and don't especially need more. So rather than spending money on me, I ask that you donate an equivalent sum in my name to the charity of your choice. My preference would be a local food pantry but whatever you select will be fine. If you need suggestions just ask, and if you email me proof of your donation I'll make a matching one.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

P.S. Of course, games are fun and I am terribly addicted to them, so if you tell me what you would have bought me, maybe that'll be kick in the pants I need to shift them from my "want" list to my "owned" list.


Have Games, Will Travel

In 2008, I traveled around the country a bit for my job. Sometimes I'd contact random BGG members to find new gaming opportunities. I had pretty good luck finding fun and interesting people to play with. It's a testament to the quality of the people in the BGG community.

The job I have now doesn't involve quite so much travel, and there's a surprisingly solid group of gamers in the Shreveport, LA area.

If you're passing through the Arklatex area, drop me a geekmail. We can game!



Bellevue, NE - February 2008
- The Omaha Area Gamers Guild meets at The Game Shoppe on Fridays. I was only able to attend a few sessions, but they're a great group of people and I wish I had played with them more.

Norfolk, VA - April 2008
- The Tidewater Strategy Group hosts once-a-month Game Days. Regular attendees of TSG include Stephen Glenn and George Cummings.

Arlington, VA - August 2008
- Dan Alban dared to let a random Internet stranger into his appartment, where he hosts a biweekly Wednesday game night.
- Lee Culbreth invited me to a session of the The Gentlemen's Game Club, which meets at The Game Parlor (Woodbridge). John Downing was even kind enough to give me a ride home!
- John Kerr has an impressive collection of games, and he puts them to good use on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. (Thanks for telling me about this game, Kirsten, and congrats again on your new daughter!)

Arlington, TX - TBA
- The folks of the South Arlington Gamers demonstrated their kindness by first inviting me to their Thursday night gaming group, then reminding me that Texas is a long, long walk from Virginia.

Albuquerque, NM - September 2008
- My FLGS, Active Imaginaion, hosts a weekly boardgame night every Thursday. Two notable folks there are Chuck Puchala (whom I've hung out with quite a bit since we've met) and jeeky (who doesn't come as often as he or I would like). One of my coworkers also usually attends.

Edgewood, NM - November 2008
- Chris Leger invited me to an all-day game session at his house one Saturday, based on no more than a random GeekMail from me. It was a fantastic time. There were about 12 people there over the span on 10 hours. Unfortunately, I missed his New Year's Day event, but hopefully I'll make it out to Edgewood for his next game day.

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