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The story behind some (micro)badges
My first MB I ever purchased, and the one I enjoy the most. If all you know of Donald Duck is the barely understandable buffoon in the cartoons, you owe it to yourself to read the written stories by the Good Duck Artist. Donald, Uncle Scrooge, Gyro, the Beagles, Flintheart, etc all come to life in a rich legacy of story and art. The Carl Barks Library is one of the highlights of my library. The story that I read first, the one that attracted me to Carl Barks was The Flying Dutchman which was originally published in Uncle Scrooge 25 (March, 1959):

I didn't create the badge, but believe this image is the source. It is a shame to bury such an iconic figure into a barely perceptible microbadge, so let's enjoy Bettie Page as a macro badge:

To start the year, I am once again displaying my Kiva badge to get the word out about the idea of microloans. If you click the badge, it does go to my Kiva profile showing what I have done. I realize this is not very helpful if you want to buy the badge. So here is the link to the other badge owners which will let you buy the badge if you are interested.

[ inlineimg ]https://cf.geekdo-static.com/tmpbadgeimage/badge_e9092eb89f0...[/inlineimg] I host a Wednesday game night at my house. Send me a Geekmail if you are interested in the details or join our Yahoo group: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/trivalleygamers/

Recently played games - usually with the group but not always. Should give some idea of the types of games we do play.

Personal Top 10 - Games that I currently enjoy the most. Very likely to play if offered, but list is also subject to change depending on recent game plays. FWIW - MKGray's Cluster Analysis Results show my likes as pretty spread out (no strong agreement with any 1 cluster), but shifted a bit towards the "heavier" Euro's (Euro 1 & 3) and Wargames (Ameri 2).

[ img ]https://www.boardgamegeek.com/jswidget.php?username=RPardoe&...[ /img ]

Hot 10 - Games that I am most anticipating that I have on pre-order, games owned that I most want to play, or on occasion games I am playtesting. Games will be removed as I play them (perhaps having them appear on the Personal Top 10) or if I get a new game I would like to try to play ASAP.

[ img ]https://www.geekdo.com/jswidget.php?username=RPardoe&numitem...[ /img ]

Alternate avatars....
I used this image for a couple of days a while back. While I have adopted it elsewhere and I do like the image (and its source), it never really felt comfortable here. I felt I lost a bit of my identity switching away from the Löwenherz avatar that I have always used. I know I recognize folks by their avatar, so wondered if I suddenly became a bit invisible after the change even to myself. So reverted back to the old avatar.

For the curious, that's 目玉おやじ
Medama Oyaji, lit. Eyeball Father
Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro

Made you look!

If you pull way, way, way back - say 4 Billion Miles - this is what our entire world looks like.

A pale blue dot....

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