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"Games are a place where all of society’s standards fall away, where we agree on a shared reality that we can all craft to be better than this one, where everyone can be seen for their strengths and not their weaknesses. It's place where the child in a wheelchair can run or the awkward and shy can communicate or where the frightened can be brave. It's a place where we can be color blind, where we can be free of assumptions and deaf to our differences.

For gaming to grow we need to preserve that. We have to be better. We've got to put aside the rage and the vitriol, move past our toxicity, and embrace the better angels of our nature."

- Extra Credits

I'm a gamer in her early forties that adores video games, tabletop RPGs, and board games. There are too many games and not enough time!

Video Games: My favorite style of video games is RPG. Despite the particular genre, my favorite games are those with a strong story and a well developed game world. I first played video games on an Atari and a Commodore VIC-20. I moved on to play Nintendo games for years and eventually began playing online games called MUDs. After finding roleplaying enforced MUDs, I was hooked. I played MUDs well past their peek of popularity and worked as a MUD admin for many years. I've moved away from playing MUDs and am an avid console and PC gamer. I've been fortunate enough to find a great group of people from VGG to play multiplayer games with.

Tabletop RPGs: I've been playing various editions of Dungeons and Dragons on and off since junior high. While I've tried other systems, I keep going back to D&D as my favorite. (Pathfinder is certainly so close that it falls into that group as well!) I don't feel as if I've ever played tabletop RPG as much as I would like or as consistently.

Board Games: I have a strong preference towards Ameritrash board games and those with a well integrated theme. No matter what type of gaming I'm playing, I really enjoy imagining myself into the game world or time period being represented. We have amassed a good collection of games (around 200), but haven't gotten as many to the table together as we've both wished. I consider it a good investment for the future, especially for the zombie apocalypse when we lose power.

I also have a passion for great microbrew and import beer though I do not partake as often as I once did. When I have time, I enjoy reading sci fi/fantasy novels. I also enjoy a lot of science fiction, fantasy, or adventure movies and TV shows.

The Geek is a great community and I'm very glad to see RPGG and VGG thrive as well as BGG.

Geek Honors:
VGG Geek of the Week 130.
RPG Geek of the Week 178
Love Spreader of the Week
Chit Chatter of the Day

Join me in these activities!
I was passed the torch for Taco De Mayo which is a fun event held on the Geek May of every year.
I maintain the "What games are you playing this week?" geeklists for VGG.
I started the Culinary Guild, though there are far more active members and amazing cooks than I!

For those like me with a visually oriented memory, below are the avatars I've used in the past:

Wil Wheaton: "GIRL POWER!.....I’m roleplaying a female character. I believe in empowering women and empowering female characters. Girl Power. Come on guys. Girl Power! Boobs are awesome. Girl Power."

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