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A change is better than a rest
No more kidney stones! Boooo -ow -ow! booooo!

Been busy downsizing. I haven't been playing games for weeks, but I still enjoy gaming. I'm letting go of lots of light games, so I can get back to desktop week burners, solo hex and counter wargames that I really enjoy getting into the meat of. Still a solo gamer, but want more umphf.

Help keep me honest on my New Year's Resolutions.

Lately, I've been getting my FLBS to get me many of the books of John Curry's History of Wargaming Project; these are grand old book reprints from the likes of Donald Featherston, Tony Bath, Paddy Griffith, Phil Dunn, and the like for (often) simpler wargaming in a variety of scales.

I'm constantly flipping scales. How does one sit happily on one scale or subject? It's easier with boardgaming, since all the goodness sits simply in a box on the shelf till next time your attention wanders. But with miniatures, the investiture to a scale or period really absorbs time and space in my little flat. 2mm and 6mm disappoints my eyes, but it's really quick and easy to prime paint and off we go. 42mm is my favourite for gaming soldiery, but there's a lot more space involved.

Can I make a doable "wargame" or game using 2 opposing 54mm or 42mm figures in a grid that works as a skirmish game?

Trying ECW Portable Wargame in 28mm and got some Star Trek Fighter Pod guys for skirmish gaming.

I've gone from a love of DBx to the Portable Wargame for quick games that capture a period with a minimum of figures. PW needs 1.5x the width of squares on a board maximum, so 12 figures or bases of figures on an 8X8 board, and has a bunch of historical variants.

Boardgamewise, it's solo wargames for the most part and once again trying to minimalise my collection to games I actually play as opposed to things I store in the shelves. Same with my books; if I haven't read them or even looked at them in a year, out they go.

Copying something from someone else's page:

Favorite Movie:
Dark Crystal, Once, 2001, Watership Down, Day of the Triffids, Village of the Damned, Midwinter's Tale

Favorite Book:
Watership Down, Day of the Triffids, Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, Farenheit 451

Favorite Authors:
John Wyndham, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Anthony Price

Favorite Magazines:
Toy Soldier Collector, Skeptic

Favorite Food:
Fish and Chips, Coleslaw done right, Salmon (but not tinned)

Favorite Drink:
Roobis Tea, Gin and Tonic, Bitters

Favorite Bean:[/b]
Cafe Feminino, fair trade and from a women's cooperative from Peru

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