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These are my top 10 games at the moment, in no order. The first games are what I call my "safe" picks because they are light enough for most new people to get it, yet are fun for even veteran gamers. I carry them in my car because are flexible enough to be played with any group. Splendor is an easy to learn and play game that is perfect for gamers of any type. The Resistance is simply a hidden identity classic. Liar's Dice is an easy to learn, push-your-luck game that is super flexible with players. Time's Up is an extremely fun trivia game:

2-4 player: Splendor
5-10 player: The Resistance
3+ player: Liar's Dice
3+ player: Time's Up! Title Recall!

Then there are specialty games that are really epic. I really love playing these games. They are however a bit heavy in rules and in time. 1775: Rebellion is incredibly easy to learn, fast to play and offers a lot of strategy. Chicago Express is an extremely interesting train game that focuses on manipulating player incentives. It's played seriously with 3-4, but I'd be willing to play it with 5-6, so long as the players are competent. Battlestar Galactica is an awesome traitor game, though I would only play it with 5-6. Here I Stand is one of the best diplomatic wargames that is dripping with history:

2-4 player: 1775: Rebellion
3-6 player: Chicago Express
5-6 player: Battlestar Galactica
6 player: Here I Stand

Then I have duel games. I just recently played Twilight Struggle and man is it great! I love the tension that you can't avoid playing things you don't want and how you have to adapt to bad things happening; it makes games a lot more interesting than just being able to do what you want. Magic is just too much of a classic to pass, but I prefer controlled formats than playing against a broken constructed deck. I love making decks and seeing how they fare. I do not use any rares. Netrunner... oh man, this game just came out of nowhere and really got me. I'm loving the diverse sides to each team and how I have a lot more decisions to make compared to playing Magic on autopilot.

2 player: Twilight Struggle
2 player: Magic: The Gathering
2 player: Android: Netrunner

As for the video games I play mostly competitive games. Street Fighter 4 is my favorite fighting game and it is so freaking hard. There are 44 characters, each with their own set of attacks, special moves and ultra combos. Warcraft 3 is still a lot of fun and I love doing unexpected strategies. Insurgency is the newest game I've purchased and I really, really love it. It's very, very realistic and offers a ton of modes whether it is cooperative or competitive. This game has the best sounds of any FPS game I have ever played. There is so much quality and it is only $15! I'm still playing Natural Selection 2. It's just super intense and demanding... which is why I keep on playing it:


One of the things you'll notice is that my ratings seem severe. While a lot of people use them, many don't realize ratings are simply there to show which games you think are better than another. It's a ranking. It doesn't tell you if you think games are simply good or not.

So what I do is I give it a 1, 5 or 10. A 1 means I just don't like it. A 5 means that I generally like the game and I'll be happy for a game. But I'm just not obsessed with it. I'll think a game is decent, but it's not a game that I'll try to play most of the time. A 10 is a game that I marvel at the design and enjoy every bit of playing it.

So again, a 1 means I don't like it, a 5 means I'm lukewarm and 10 are the ones I'm crazy about now.
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#1: Twilight Imperium (Third Edition)
#2: Rex: Final Days of an Empire
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