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Let me tell you more about me. Here I go, I was born in 1986 in Lima, Peru. Peru is a beautiful country blessed with awesome food. If you can, do yourself a great favour and eat at a Peruvian restaurant. You won't regret it. Peru is also famous for its welcoming people, wonderful ruins, like Machu Picchu and Chan Chan, and its very rich culture. Definitely a must! I lived there until year 2004 when my mother decided that it was time to come to Canada. I am Peruvian Canadian.

I am an accountant for an online-based company.

I have a girlfriend, Cristina, whom I love a lot. We live together.I sometimes play games with her. She loves Carcassonne, Mr. Jack, Cosmic Encounter and Pandemic. My girlfriend likes coop games, horror films and Halloween. She is also a huge fan of the Smurfs.

My "gaming group" consists of one of my younger brothers and my younger sister. My sister does not really speak much English (she speaks French and Spanish) but this is changing because she is learning English big time. Because of this, we used to play games that are language independent or some of my few games in French but now we play pretty much anything. So far, she loves Mr. Jack, Agricola, Hansa, Galactic Emperor, Puerto Rico, Memoir 44, Pandemic, Ave Caesar and Small World. Whenever my sister is tired or not at home, my brother and I like to play Memoir 44, Conflict of Heroes, Race for the Galaxy, Paths of Glory and Prophecy. Or A Game of Thrones, Cosmic Encounter and Diplomacy when we have friends over.

My brother and I love LotR. We also like history very much. We are both very interested in Ancient warfare, the Inca civilization, and WWI. I am trying to collect some WWI memorabilia (I learned this word thanks to my 2009 secret santa!) . I used to own a Prussian sword! I am also a big fan of Marvel Comics, specially Iron Man and the Punisher.

Montreal, where I live, is beautiful. People are very kind and respectful. It is unique, because the city is bilingual. You can observe French and English architecture, and other sorts of heritage, coexisting side by side. Yes, it is extremely cold, but we don't live in igloos. However, it is excellent for skiing and snowboarding. On the other hand, summers are very hot and, without being too modest, amazing. The Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs Festival and many multicultural and ethnic festivals make of Montreal a city that you must visit. You really should come and visit us one day. You will love it!

Well, I think I wrote too much and I know that you are busy playing some awesome games, so I will stop now.

Take care and keep it cool!

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