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Ryan McLelland
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Hi! How are you?!?
It is probably time for a profile update, so here we go.

Professionally I am a senior software engineer for a small consulting firm. We have offices in Salt Lake City and Moab Utah with another office in Pennsylvania. We do design work for native Windows and Mac applications as well as web and mobile apps for all major platforms.

I always enjoyed board games as a kid. Playing Risk with my dad, or Rook whenever we had a family get together. Later in life I got turned on to Settlers. I helped maintain the largest, and now retired, online Settlers of Catan site ( for a number of years. As my interest in the hobby expanded to other games I helped develop play by web games on SpielByWeb. I have at various times been active on BSW, Board Game Arena, and a number of other online sites. I also play some LCGs via OCTGN. My taste in games has gradually evolved over time. I used to be a hard core eurogamer, but now enjoy some ameritrash and LCGs as well. As long as the game is fun I will play it be it a brain burning math problem, or a quick and simple dice game.

I was the original organizer for the Gathering of Strangers con in Salt Lake City. I ran it for several years until life got busy, and I couldn't make the time needed to run a convention of that size. I am still pretty proud that we were the first real con in the area and started from such humble beginnings.

I used to game regularly at Game Night Games in SLC, UT but life, friends moving away or getting busy, a kid, and my current job have really cut down on my game nights. Now most of my gaming is done with family and friends that are a little closer to home.

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