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We have dragged Reason from her Throne and set in her place the Empress of Dreams [liber Endvra]
Amor, sola lex

Follow my adventures in the 2015 10x10 challenge in my GeekList / Blog Hamster Rules! (2015)

When a man dreams alone, it's just a dream. When many men dream together, it's the beginning of a new reality (Friedensreich Hundertwasser)

Always loved playing games, since I was a kid. It wasn't important what the game was, but the fact that there was a challenge, the promise of fun, the idea of doing something different to spend my free hours.

Still, I grew up without knowing anything about designers game until I met the guy who will later become my husband. I was 20, I was angry with life and Andrea arrived one day with one little gift for me. I opened it, and discovered Carcassonne. I wasn't happy: it seemed just a stupid silly thing where you had to place tiles for don't know what reason.

Seven days and 24 plays later, I was totally hooked. Loved the game, and wanted more. It was like discovering something I had been waiting for for my whole life. So, after princesses and dragons, and inns and cathedrals and all the carcassonesque stuff, something bigger entered my life: Arkham Horror. I never could have dreamed of such a game. We spent one entire night learning the rules and playing the first game, and after that, all is history: the collection became quite large in quite a short time, and playing games became the most intimate moment in our life. Spending the evening playing games is like living a wonderful adventure, and I'll always pick this up upon becoming grey watching the tv.

What else? Apart from games... there's only one truth more to share: life's too short for the things that are worth being lived and experienced. Among my interests:

- Hiking & oudoor sports. The second greatest passion of my life. Starting in Spring and ending at the end of October, every time I have a consistent number of free hours, I want to stay in the nature doing something. During 2014, we started caving and canyoning, and had a blast every time.

- Reading books. Mostly non "mainstream books"; favourite authors of the moment: Haruki Murakami, Alice Munroe, José Saramago, Saffo and the ancient Greek poets, Georg Trakl. The book that's in my kindle now: Wuthering Heights.

- Watching movies. Again, no Hollywood blockbusters, no mainstream comedies, no movie adaptations of old tv series. Favourite directors: Ingmar Bergman, Martin Scorsese, Zhang Ymou, Kim Ki-Duk, Emir Kusturica, Tony Gatlif, Radu Mihăileanu, Gabriele Salvatores.

- Cooking. Another insane passion. I'd spend days and nights cooking and testing new recipes. Every day that passes, I feel less inclined in buying stuff at a local supermarket, preferring instead of preparing everything at home. So, I bake my own bread, prepare my own yogurth, use vegetables from my garden. Maybe one day I'll have a farm, who knows?


I want to thank here two very special Geeks who conspired together on something even more special:

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Enjoy life!
Just do it!
United States
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Marion proposed a "Scarlet Witch fan" microbadge, and Daniel crafted it:


I'm not so sure I deserve the honor, but I'll do my best to gain it over the years to come. Thanks a million guys! And thanks to anyone who may consider getting it!


My top 10 games:

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#1: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
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#3: Arkham Horror
#4: Android: Netrunner
#5: 1830: Railways & Robber Barons
#6: BattleLore (Second Edition)
#7: Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham
#8: The Castles of Burgundy
#9: Doom: The Boardgame
#10: Fury of Dracula (second edition)
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#1: Arkham Horror
#2: Star Wars: The Card Game
#3: Elder Sign: Unseen Forces
#4: Lords of Waterdeep
#5: The Castles of Burgundy
#6: Infiltration
#7: Stone Age
#8: Love Letter
#9: Qwixx
#10: Hanabi
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