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"Nobody gets me. I'm the wind, baby!" - Tom Servo
"Push the button, Frank!"

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Hello, my name is Scott Everts and welcome to my Profile page.

Let me tell you alittle about myself. I was born in Iowa. I moved around quite abit until 6th grade when my family moved to Williamsburg, Virginia. Spent all of high school and part of college there. Went to William & Mary for 2 years as a theater major.

We moved to Orange County, California after that and I finished my education at Cal State Fullerton as a Radio/TV/Film major. My last year of school I was a Production Intern on MacGyver season 6. Did some low budget movie stuff which was pretty horrid and terrible pay. A friend asked me if I was interested in working at Interplay (Video Game Related) as a tester on a Star Trek computer game. Paid much better and didn't have to commute to LA!

Stayed at Interplay (Video Game Related) for about 13 years where I worked on over 20 games. Some of the titles I worked on there were Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Star Trek Judgment Rites, Stonekeep, Fallout, Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale II, & Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II.

After that I got a job at Obsidian Entertainment. I worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords (say that 3 times fast!) doing interface design & texture cleanup on the PC and XBox version. I then worked on Neverwinter Nights 2 & its expansions Mask of the Betrayer & Storm of Zehir making maps & props. I worked on Fallout: New Vegas and the 4 DLC's as lead world builder. I'm currently working on Armored Warfare.

I've done many different things during my 20+ years in the computer & video gaming industry. I've been an associate producer, graphic artist, technical artist, technical designer, sound processor, tester; almost every job I've done at one time or another. Currently I've been focusing on art. I've done a considerable amount of levels and maps for various games. I did all the maps for Fallout 1, about a third for Fallout 2. Did over 20 maps for NWN2 and its expansion. Props for various games using 3D Studio Max. Interface design on Icewind Dale 2 and Star Wars Knights 2. I've been focusing heavily on graphic design and 3D art. I've done some work on boardgame art and would like to do more, such as board and card graphic design.

I've been a computer game nut since about 1980 when I got to play with a Commodore Pet in high school. I eventually bought an Apple IIe computer and then got an Apple IIgs. Belonged to several computer clubs and was pretty hardcore in the Apple II systems. After working for Interplay a few years it was becoming obvious the Apple II was dying (from lack of support from Apple) so switched to PC and never looked back.

I got into D&D & Traveller in high school, college, and my early years at Interplay. But as we all got older it was becoming harder to get everyone together to game on a regular schedule. So we started playing boardgames more and more since it was easier to finish in one night. As the Eurogame craze hit we started getting more serious about boardgaming and now have a group that plays almost every weekend. My roleplaying books take up just a small amount of shelf space now but my boardgames are overwhelmingly crowding out everything else! I love dungeon crawls, exploration games, & empire building games. Plus I'm a sucker for nice bits!

Please visit my Gallery for some examples of my art. I'm very interested in boardgame art contract work so feel free to drop me a line! Also check out my Files. I've made quite a few play aids for various games. Over the years I've become increasingly more interested in boardgaming over video games (though I've gotten occasionally addicted to MMOs). A couple of friends and I have been working on various board/card games and hope to someday get one published. Check out our website.

I was picked Geek of the Week #182! You can read my thread here.

You can see my BGG page for games I was the graphic artist on here.

I've posted a blog: Scott's Corner

Thanks for reading and keep on boardgaming!
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