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Dear Santa,

First off, If I am tardy with this list, please forgive me. It has been a rough year at school so far and most of my evenings are consumed with figuring out what to do next or passing out on the couch (which really puts a crick in the neck if you fall asleep wrong!).

I haven't been very good this year. I'm only 92% done with my 10x10 challenge. Ok, I plan to make sure I get this taken care of over Thanksgiving Break, but still... I also am spending a bunch of time with my boys playing games and working with them on things like Scouting and schooling and the like. I know, I know, pathetic really. If I were a really cool Dad, wed be bungie-jumping naked into a pool of Crocodiles or doing team sky-diving where everyone but you gets a parachute or something insanely cool like that.

But, NOPE, they're stuck with regular old me, who likes fantasy games, and wargames, and fantasy wargames, and wargame fantasies. We played lots of Mice and Mystics this year, so we like dungeoncrawlers. I haven't introduced them to Descent (yet), but that's on my list of things to do the next few weeks. We played lots of Bohnanza and Suburbia, so we like our eurogames as well. I tend to be the wargamer. And we recently started to play some RPGs as well. We started with Edge of the Empire, but I found that I liked the quick pick up of the FATE system I've been lucky enough to find the 10x10 challenge where I found some games that really work for me and some games that REALLY don't work for me. Here's my geeklist: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/183714/item/3626245#i...

I'll be putting up a list of games that I'm making for the 2016 10x10 challenge. The short list is:
Enemy Action: Ardennes
Myth 2.0
Darkest Night
Space Empires 4X
Asgard's Chosen
Legendary Encounters Aliens (and Predator)
Burgle Bros
Mercs (if it ever shows up)
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (more, more, MORE!)
Phantom Fury
Conflict of Heroes Solo (which I don't have yet)

I've got a slew of games pre-ordered from GMT that are languishing in development You-Know-Where

So as you can see, I'm pretty much just a Big Boardgaming Bum. Of course, contact me if you have any questions or issues. Oh one more thing that usually gets asked with these gift thingies, I have no problem taking gently used games instead of brand new ones. Just in case you find something to trade for.

Hope your year has been a good one!

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