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Jeffery Bass
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What's this? Why, it's the Hiller Flying Platform! It flew in 1955.

I've been employed in the museum field for 30 years, working mostly in science museums as an astronomer but more recently as director of an aviation museum. As a kid in the '60's, my eyes were opened to what was possible in games when my brother and I picked up a copy of Avalon Hill's Blitzkrieg. We couldn't make heads or tails out of it but it clued us into the fact that there was a wide open game world of high imagination that we weren't experiencing with "Monopoly" and "Green Ghost".

Over the years, I picked up games, here and there. During graduate school, a diet of Ares Magazine and one new game a month kept me sane. Games relieve stress for me. I don't get to play as much as I like, unfortunately. So, when a game does hit the table it is a special occasion. The best experiences have been with my nephews, my wife, my siblings and my brother's wife and daughter as we've enjoyed everything from Shadows over Camelot to Android.

I enjoy adventure games like Mage Knight, Magic Realm, Descent and Talisman and light fantasy wargames like War of the Ring and Runewars. More substantive historical wargames that are a little harder to find family opponents to play against, but that I particularly like, include Columbia's EastFront, MMP's Fire in the Sky and, my favorite of late, The Supreme Commander and The Guns of Gettysburg.

My game collection is limited to games I actually like, so my ratings are generally high for this reason. I still very much enjoy the classic Avalon Hill and SPI games and I've spent a fair amount of time poring over them.

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This is an image of the "Flying Platform", Model 1031-A-1, tested in 1955 for the Office of Naval Research. It was built by the Hiller Aircraft Company.

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Top 10
#1: Magic Realm
#2: Kanban: Automotive Revolution
#3: Pacific Victory
#4: Outreach: The Conquest of the Galaxy, 3000AD
#5: The Sword and the Stars
#6: The Guns of Gettysburg
#7: Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan
#8: Indonesia
#9: EastFront
#10: Archipelago
Hot 10
#1: The Guns of Gettysburg
#2: Kanban: Automotive Revolution
#3: Navajo Wars
#4: Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan
#5: Albion: Land of Faerie
#6: Magic Realm
#7: Pacific Victory
#8: Panamax
#9: A Game of Thrones: The Card Game
#10: Outreach: The Conquest of the Galaxy, 3000AD
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