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Paulo Soledade
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I'm 40 years old, I live in a small city in Portugal - Leiria. I'm married to Ana and I have a 13 year old daughter named Maria and a 6 year old boy named Miguel.

I love football and I'm a Sporting Clube de Portugal fan.

I've started to play games as a child. I've played Monopoly a lot and a game published in Portugal named Petróleo. Monopoly actually changed my life as it rapidly became my main achievement when I was 7, ater my father gifted the game to me and said "you are too young yet to play the game". Obviously I accepted the challenge and tried to play the game at the moment!

In the year 2000, following my passion for board games and not seeing them published in Portugal, I've ordered some titles from a French website. It was a blind purchase because I didn't really had access to sufficient information in order to choose those games. I got lucky. I bought Civilization, Settlers of Catan, Serenissima and El Grande. All of them from Descartes. From that time on I've never stopped playing board games.

I went to Spiel 06 and 07 where I met Martin Wallace and Mac Gerdts, these days, my favorite designers.

I like all kinds of games but have some particular interest in heavy ones. I don't play for fun I play for the challenge. But I always have fun either way

I change my rates all the time. I'm a mood player.

My other babies:

I run a Portuguese website about boardgames with my gaming friends (www.spielportugal.org) and we have an annual prize for the best game - "Jogo do Ano" - http://www.spielportugal.org/jogo-do-ano

"Jogo do Ano 2006 - Imperial, by Mac Gerdts"
"Jogo do Ano 2007 - Brass, by Martin Wallace"
"Jogo do Ano 2008 - Agricola, by Uwe Rosenberg"
"Jogo do Ano 2009 - Maria, by Richard Sivel"
"Jogo do Ano 2010 - Troyes, by Sébastien Dujardin, Alain Orbain, Xavier Georges"
"Jogo do Ano 2011 - Ora et Labora, by Uwe Rosenberg"
"Jogo do Ano 2012 - Keyflower, by Richard Breese and Sebastien Bleasdale"
"Jogo do Ano 2014 - Nations, by Rustan Håkansson, Nina Håkansson, Einar Rosén and Robert Rosén"
Jogo do Ano 2015 - La Granja, by Michael Keller (II) and Andreas "ode." Odendahl"

Spiel Portugal also organizes an annual convention, LeiriaCon (https://sites.google.com/a/spielportugal.org/leiriacon/)

Check us on Facebook also: www.facebook.com/spielportugal
and www.facebook.com/LeiriaCon

My ratings:
I don't use the BGG rating system.
Usually we tend to want to play different games in different stages of our "gaming life" and this system isn't fair enough. Plus there are some games that I don't like to play because they didn't make the click, they simply didn't work for me, but they're still good decent games. In this case even if I don't like to play the game but if it's a solid design, I would rate it accordingly. At least I'll try to be fair to the game.

My ratings would be based in time of play/fun and also design, components, willing to play and personal preferences, of course.

My 10's:
My 10's are games that I will be playing for the rest of my life even if I don't play them for years!

Personal Best Game of the Year and runner up.

2015 - Nippon ()
2014 - Panamax (La Granja)
2013 - Madeira (Kohle & Kolonie)
2012 - Keyflower (Terra Mystica)
2011 - Ora et Labora (Special mention to 1830 reprint)
2010 - Troyes (Navegador)
2009 - Last Train to Wensleydale (Vasco da Gama)
2008 - Agricola (Giants)
2007 - Brass (Notre Dame)
2006 - Imperial (Here I Stand)
2005 - Twilight Struggle (Caylus)
2004 - Antiquity (Power Grid)
2003 - Princes of the Renaissance (Santiago)
2002 - Puerto Rico (Age of Steam)
2001 - Liberté (Hive)
2000 - Princes of Florence (La Citta)

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Registration Date: 2006-02-19
Last Profile Update: 2015-10-14
Last Login: 2016-04-29
Country: flag Portugal
State: Leiria
Town/City: Leiria
Website: www.spielportugal.org
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Top 10
#1: Imperial
#2: Brass
#3: Paths of Glory
#4: Madeira
#5: Agricola
#6: Nippon
#7: 1830: Railways & Robber Barons
#8: Liberté
#9: Die Macher
#10: Last Train to Wensleydale
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