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Ethan Van Vorst
United States
North Carolina
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I'm 40 and have been married to the wife for 6 years. I'm into amateur astronomy, reading, and play a lot of games on my PC, in particular WW2 flight simulators. In that vein I'm a huge fan of early war fighter planes and especially dive bombers, and one can often find me flying Ju-87 Stukas and SBD's in lieu of P-51 Mustangs (and getting shot down much more often) on Aces High II.

Most of the TV I watch tends to be on the History Channel, of which I am a self-professed addict of the awesome show "Dogfights", "Battle 360", and just about anything else they may be showing. I'm also a huge fan of MST3K and have a modest collection of said DVD's. I'm also hooked on "Lost" and "24".

I'm a pretty simple guy who tends to use large words in an attempt to fool people into thinking I'm a budding Einstein. I detest the word "eclectic" and find that when someone can't think of a definite category they identify with they use it as some sort of blanket statement to make them look more cultured than they are. Way overused.

I love board gaming and have a small collection of games I've acquired over the years, including but not limited to "Axis & Allies", "Risk", "Stratego", and the usual assortment of various Monopoly's and Trivial Pursuits (and a couple of older AH games, "Midway" and "D-Day", though I've never played them). I recently got the new "Conquest of the Empire" and my parents found me an old, mint condition "Fortress America", both of which I'm rearing to play. The problem is that my friends are all distant and my brothers and nephew tend to only want to play A&A. My wife stops at Monopoly, which means the only way I'm getting any Fortress America action is to solo it.

Mayonaisse is evil.

My wife and I had a beautiful baby girl on December 14th, 2011!

Battletech is my favorite board game, but the video game renditions are works of art in and of themselves! A sneak peak at MechWarrior Online, releasing later this year.

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