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Hello, my name is Steven and I am addicted to collecting board games...

I started gaming in the mid-70s when my brother and some of his friends needed to beat up on someone playing Panzer Leader.

I used to frequent my local FLGS on Coronado Island in San Diego, Ed's Hobby and Model shop (in 1975/7 he was on 10th and B Ave IIRC, then he moved to Orange Ave in the early 80s). This was my first experience with war gaming and miniatures. Having loved Star Wars, Star Trek and Space 1999 I gravitated to the sci-fi genre games and miniatures.

It seemed that Ed and one of the employees were always playing a war game of some kind. I vividly remember seeing saw horses overlaid with plywood to support huge maps. Little did I know I would enjoy the hobby so much more when older... His shop had a big impact on me with all the military games, models and miniatures. (If anyone knows of Ed's shop or where he is today send me a geek mail)

Monopoly and Risk were standard family fare but my brother kept the conflict games coming. Arab-Israeli Wars, Tobruk, Luftwaffe, Submarine, 7th Fleet and many others.

I started collecting Metagames and Steve Jackson's Car Wars myself. The solo Fantasy Trip games were great for the closet geek I was. I also started collecting some D&D or Ral Partha miniatures to paint.

It wasn't until I got into my 30s that I started doing some hardcore miniatures collecting. I had found shops carrying the Warhammer Fantasy lines... Then I went to Clan War and to whatever appealed to me.

In my late 30s I started making more money so I quickly grew my game collection. I am patiently waiting for my kids to grow a little older so we can all play together. My wife is not too interested in conflict/war gaming but will play games like Ticket to Ride and thought strategy games. Deep down I think she does not agree that a 45yo man should be playing board games... But she loves me and accepts me for the big kid I am...

So What's for Sale
I think everyone has a price in their head for what they would sell a game for. That being said I want to thin out my collection. I will entertain respectable offers for most of my games. If the game is not listed in the marketplace let me know and I will list it for our agreed to price. Games that are listed are open to negotiation.

So... Most of my games are for sale... The exceptions being:
(These are NOT for SALE or Trade)
Commands and Colors
- Memoir '44
- Ancients
- Battle Cry
- Samurai Battles
- Napoleonics
Wings of War
Agents of SMERSH
Spartacus Blood and Treachery
Kingdom Death (when it gets here)
... maybe some others

My Top 10 List is in no particular order.

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Top 10
#1: Merchants & Marauders
#2: Cyclades
#3: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
#4: Battle Cry
#5: Memoir '44
#6: Twilight Struggle
#7: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#8: Space Hulk (third edition)
#9: Samurai Battles
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