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Jarek Szczepanik
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Thank you Santa! And most of all, thank you Grumpy & Joy, the kind elves who were in charge of my gifts! I'm pretty sure that hardly any BGG user had such a fantastic Secret Santa!

A snowy December evening (OK, I got carried away, it was windy, rainy and cold): we were just finishing cleaning all the components and trinkets in our rats' cage (it's quite huge, so we had a lot to do). Suddenly, we heard someone knocking. I thought it was a lady from administrative office (she usually visits people on Sundays, since most people are home; we live in a kind of hostel for university employees). When I opened the door, I could not see anyone, but there were four boxes on the doormat. I was confused and thought they were meant for someone else. I carried them inside. One of the boxes was easy to open without ruining the wrapping. Inside, I found a bunch of dice themed home made lemon cookies. Something has clicked in my mind. A week earlier I had received a letter from Santa saying that my present is on its way, mentioning some cookies...

Then the telephone rang. I've received an SMS from Grumpy & Joy, wishing me Merry Christmas. By then I was sure, that the presents were meant for me. Here is what I found in all the boxes:

Thank you Santa! Star Trek: Expeditions isn't a game that you can get easily here. Overall, it was very cool and felt like a real Secret Santa. If there are some awards for the best Secret Santa, I would like to nominate mine without hesitation!

P.S. To Grumpy & Joy: sorry for not answering the SMS. I thought, that posting a thank you here would be more appreciate, and any one could see how a great job you've done. Besides, you could have used a cell phone of some ubożę (a kind of gnome)-our building is crawling with them. They get really angry if a human disturbs them on Sunday evening. I couldn't have risked them pissing on my doormat next 3 months! Anyway, thank you once more and I hope Santa has given you something awesome as well. Merry Xmas!

A little introduction: I've been playing some modern board games for about 6 years, however they became my favorite hobby only recently. I love games with much strategy, planning, and spite, with a good, innovative, or elegant mechanics. Worker placement and cooperative games turned out to be my favourite genres. I also welcome elegant microgames and fillers (I use them non-stop to attract new people into tabletop gaming). I'm not good at abstract games, because of this small brain of mine, but I feel sentimental towards Hive, which was one of my gateway-games.

(started 10.06.2013)

(started 15.10.2014)

Since FC stopped working for BGG after transition to https, here's a new one provided by Anthony Williams.

(started 31.10.2014)

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#9: Galaxy Trucker
#10: Hive
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#1: Dawn: Rise of the Occulites
#2: Roll for the Galaxy
#3: Viticulture: Complete Collector's Edition
#4: Orléans
#5: Pandemic: Contagion
#6: Tiny Epic Defenders
#7: Battle For Souls
#8: Nations
#9: Progress: Evolution of Technology
#10: A Few Acres of Snow
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