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Adrian Pop
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It's flat, mate! :)

I rediscovered board games when I literally stumbled upon a copy of Catan during my shift at the workplace. From then on I started drooling over theme and chrome, going over anything Fantasy Flight was releasing. I gradually transitioned to a more calculated Euro style of games and I can safely say I now taste both ends of the spectrum equally.

From loving long wrought out games, I now appreciate compact designs and compressed time spans. Maybe it's the years, who knows...

After a fair share of phantom hobbies it appears that board gaming is special for some reason, because it is the only one that has remained constant with me throughout the years.

I lived a wonderful dream of sharing life with a gamer wife for a while. Unfortunately my marriage dissolved after two years.

Either way, here's to new beginnings!

Me (right) playing T&E three times in the course of two days, after ignoring it for years.

After careful considerations, I have decided to compose my own rating scale, since I feel that the BGG suggestions are not applicable in many cases. Hence, I have decided to go with a more objective rating system.

Rating is done after at least three play sessions and ranges from 3 through 9 for quality while 1 ,2 and 10 are reserved for exceptional achievements.

Here it goes:

Denotes a total lack of respect for the consumer:
1 Awful component quality
2 There are an abundance of incomprehensible or ambiguous rules.

I personally think that it should not have been released this way:
3 The game defeats its own purpose. It is broken and should have been scrapped in its infancy.
4 The game is either tediously long or has highly frustrating aspects.

It is best to try before you buy:
5 A mixed bag. It could be enjoyable but there are aspects that are really detracting.
6 Good idea and decent execution but there is room for improvement (enrichment or streamlining).

A good game that is worth playing and collecting:
7 A well rounded game. A good choice for a sizeable collection.
8 Succeeds in being one of the best games from its category or family.
9 An epitome of replay-ability. Engaging in every way. Has no real shortcomings.

10 Excellent production quality (components & storage)

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Registration Date: 2008-04-28
Last Profile Update: 2015-06-15
Last Login: 2015-07-07
Country: flag Romania
State: Cluj
Town/City: Cluj-Napoca
Website: www.forumboardgames.ro
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