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Some Notes:

You can find me over at Consimworld (user name: Nelson Rockefeller) discussing a lot of the old Avalon Hill titles. If you live near Annapolis, Maryland, I'd be up for a FTF game.

"Previously Owned" means "Lost in a Basement Flood." I gave up wargaming when I went off to college, and while I was away, a rather nice collection of (mostly Avalon Hill) wargames were destroyed. I was, however, terribly fortunate that all of my ASL counters avoided the catastrophe--I loaned them, together with my original Squad Leader, to a friend before going off to college.

I'm now rebuilding at least a part of that collection, which is pretty fun, for I now have hindsight and can pick and choose those titles which live fondly in my memory. This explains why I give such high ratings to such a high proportion of my games .

I was a child when I first played my Dad's Gettysburg games (he actually had both the 1964 and 1977 versions--the '64 version was the one that I ended up playing the most, as the rules were more easily digestible for my 8 year old brain). I then received a lot of Avalon Hill games as presents, but many of them (Squad Leader, Third Reich) were just too tough for me at that tender age.

After a hiatus, I picked up the hobby again at the age of 13 or 14, and proceeded to learn Russian Campaign, Squad Leader, Fortress Europa and others. Those saw me through high school.

Only now, in my mid-thirties, have I returned to the wargaming fold. I've never been particularly competent as a player, as so much of my gaming is and was solo, but I certainly enjoy this hobby. I've found that mid-complexity campaign games like Russian Campaign and Anzio have aged well, rather than those monsters. I also like the internet Squad Leader scenarios, which seem to have more reasonable playing times than those overly-ambitious scenarios that were published in the 1980s and early 1990s. And of course I have a soft spot for anything Civil War.

My main concern is that I remain a player of these things rather than a collector. Thus, I think my purchasing is at an end. Now I need to delve deeply into my current collection, which I am rather pleased with, actually.

Me (wearing red tie) proofreading ASL maps:

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#7: Chancellorsville (second edition)
#8: Shiloh: Bloody April, 1862
#9: Lee vs. Grant
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