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Be Happy in your Game!
I spent 100 Geek Gold and all I got was this lousy overtext message!
Eclectic COLLECTOR, board game player, reviewer, rules reader, rules tinkerer, rules translator, and general BS'er on the subject of games.

(ih-klek-tik) - adjective
1. selecting or choosing from various sources.
2. made up of what is selected from different sources.
3. not following any one system, as of philosophy, board or tabletop gaming, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.
4. noting or pertaining to works of architecture, decoration, boardgaming, landscaping, etc., produced by a certain person or publisher or during a certain period, that derive from a wide range of historic styles and game mechanics, the style in each instance often being chosen for its fancied appropriateness to local tradition, local geography, the purpose to be served, favorite game night game, or the cultural background of the client.

What I like:
Euro's, Weuro's, Wargames, Card games, card driven games, dice driven games, tabletop games, co-op games, dexterity games, sport and racing games, abstract games, Ameritrash, thematic sci-fi/fantasy/story adventure games.

What I don't like:
Fluxx (well, I might like it if it were printed on a roll of soft quilted toilet paper)

For me, board gaming is all about the journey, and not the destination.

A few of my favorite game sayings:
- Be happy in your game.
- It's all about the fun.
- If I were King, there'd be many executions.
- If he who dies with the most toys wins, I'll be a final contestant.
- Your gaming mileage may vary.
- Sure you can take back your move, it's a learning game
- No way you're taking your move back, the last game was a learning game
- "It must be mine!"

There's no denying that over the years I have become an avid collector of games. The hard part is separating the wheat from the chaff in maintaining a top notch collection. Truth be told, someone's worst effort in creating a game would probably be more worthy than my critique of it. But there's so many games, both the old classics and new ones coming out each year that some are bound to play better and hold better interest than others. I like to think I'm getting the cream of the crop over a wide range of themes and game mechanics. If you want to keep up with the current games I'm adding to my collection, check out these geeklists:
An Eclectic Collector's Boardgame Bunker Acquisitions for 2015
A Fool and his Money... My 2014 Boardgame Bunker Acquisitions
Boardgame Bunker Baubles - My 2013 game acquisitions
And so it begins (and ends)... My 2012 Game Gains (or the Money Pit part 2)
My 2011 Game Gains (or The Boardgaming Money Pit)
My consolidated 2010 Game Acquisitions
My comprehensive 2009 Game Purchases

Or for the true decadence that manifested itself from my boardgame addiction, visit the "bunker":
The ULTIMATE game storage solution. Or, 20 steps to making a dream come true.

And finally after being on this site almost since its inception, it's time to add a counter to my page to see who's visiting. Thanks for looking. Happy gaming to you.
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Registration Date: 2002-06-18
Last Profile Update: 2015-04-15
Last Login: 2015-10-08
Country: flag United States
State: Washington
Town/City: Camas
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Board Game Ratings 4625
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Board Game Expansion Ratings 1771
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8 667   (37.7%)
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6 106   (6.0%)
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Board Game Accessory Ratings 99
Average Rating 6.49
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8 17   (17.2%)
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4 7   (7.1%)
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Top 10
#1: War of the Ring Collector's Edition
#2: StreetSoccer
#3: Space Hulk (third edition)
#4: Combat Commander: Europe
#5: Battle Cry
#6: Formula Dé
#7: Heroscape
#8: Axis & Allies: WWI 1914
#9: Magic: The Gathering
#10: Ogre
Hot 10
#1: Churchill
#2: Star Wars: Armada
#3: Rum & Bones
#4: Fleet Commander: 1 – Ignition
#5: Homeland: The Game
#6: The Battle of Five Armies
#7: Baseball Highlights: 2045
#8: Enemy Action: Ardennes
#9: Argent: The Consortium
#10: Ogre
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