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Santa Santa Santa !!!

what e generous gift you gave me!!!

Ok I wanted to wait, but I had a day filled with traffic jams, lots of work etc.... My boy also wanted to know what was in the package. So we broke .....

But boy do we love our santa, the boy is still running around with Zwarta Kat, I can't read the rules, because he wants to hold it . Showing everybody his game

I will do that tomorrow with my Feld Goodness !!! MMMMMMM my microbadge helped santa our here . Great great great gifts.

Tomorrow my wife is not at home, she has to work on a market stand (she sells homemade jewels and bags etc www.tavi.be a little marketing here
So I have the whole day to unpunched and play with my son.

Hope your Santa is also such a generous fellow as you !

Can't you lift a little of the mystery and tell me of what country my secret santa comes from? It's nice to know. You don't have to reveal yourself, just the country is fun to know.

Hey Santa,

Glad I could help with the riddle, jippiee.

And wooww your quick in sending me somehting, I will tell you when it arrived. I surely put a link in the secret santa list, and will link it here too.

I will try to let it sit until christmas, but I don't know if I can make it with the little one in here.

Riddle me this....

Hey santa

Let me help with your riddle. I tried it here with my house lights and I think I know the answer. What struck me was the heat the bulb was producing, could this be the solution!

Let's switch on lever 1 & 2. Wait for a few minutes. And then switch off the second again. Run the next room, and the light that is on, is connected to switch 1. The I feel which bulb is hot. That bulb is connected to switch 2. And the the cold one is switch 3.

Hope I have helped you out there santa.


Reply to Santa,
Hey Santa,

Your right about Christophe. That's my complete name but....

I would like to apologize for taking the X for my name, but I'm a child of the 80's and 8bit computing . My full name wasn't an option for the scoreboards of the games in the arcade halls. (3 initials or 8 digit names)

Chris was not an option either because I liked the "tophe" part , if you pronounce it in dutch its TOF, which means Nice, super etc... Couldn't ditch that part now could I?

So Xstophe is the really only option I have, poor little me ;(

It is my first Secret Santa, so next year I'll change my name in Stophe for the holiday season...

I just told my 4-year old boy that I got a mail from Santa and he's all excited. He doesn't play games yet, but he does the setup and plays with the bits. So that we can play afterwards.

I also want to confess something, yesterday I have send a message to my target, and I used your name 'Secret Santa' , I hope that's ok.
I know you are the real one, but I also know that it is a busy time, so I did some taunting of my own to my target and I'm in the preparation of packaging her gift.

I also hope that Santa himself gets a nice gift to. If you have the time, please share your adventures of your secret Santa, I really like the stories.



Dear Santa,

It is my first time being a Secret Santa myself, so I hope I do everything right to give my target a good one.

If my Secret Santa reads this, I hope you can find something of my list. The good game stores online in belgium are


It is not a must, but if you want to find something, you can surely find it there.


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