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Always scruffy looking. Not always a nerf herder.
I have been playing board games since I was a wee child (I'm looking at you Hi Ho! Cherry-O); though I grew up the youngest brother (#5 of 5 kids) to two guys who played a *ton* of really complex board games (things like Axis & Allies) and also a handful of RPGs (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition) and MechWarrior (1st Edition)). I still own a small collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Legend of the Five Rings (1st Edition)) from this time period.

Despite being surrounded by the books (which I read a lot) and having friends that got really into Vampire: The Masquerade in middle and high school, I never really played in an RPG until college. I did, however, spend an undue amount of money on CCGs. Damn you Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings, both of which I blame on my nearest brother. I remember reading a lot of science-fiction and fantasy, as well as really digging into the novels that were set in the same settings as the aforementioned games. Somewhere in there, again following my brother's lead, I started playing EverQuest and it was that game that I credit with a lot of my computer skills and typing abilities. It's also entirely likely that EQ is responsible for my tendency to add asides to many things I type.

My RPG playing started at university, when one of the guys in my dorm was looking for players for his 3.5 game. These were often one- or two-shot games, due to a frequent dropping of people's schedules and such. I got really good at generating a new character pretty quickly. Later, a different member of an improv group started running months-long campaigns in various settings. Usually some flavor of Chronicles of Darkness, set in some homebrew campaign, very fun group of folks... good times for role-playing. The group later migrated a bit, and we explored other options. I personally ran (my one time as GM) an Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game (then a 3.5 variant) that I liked, though looking back I am sure was not good. We also investigated The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game and Legend of the Five Rings (4th Edition), among others. At some point I ended up here on RPGGeek. Sorry about that.

That said, I have a love of fun short-form games, as well as really detailed thought-provoking RPG campaigns with a steady set of characters. I have a tendency to play leader or tank roles; though sometimes I really just don't want to be the bard, and I end up playing one anyway.
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