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This user is outstanding in mediocre videogaming
Did you visit my www.kobudovenlo.nl? It has game info
Looking for Eindhovense Oorlogsdag (small wargaming con)?

My daughter and me, proudly showing the VGG admin shirts

- About me -

I'm 44, mb, mb. Love gaming and mb. I train & teach nippon kobudo (koryu), ryukyu kobudo (Okinawan kobudo) and karate. See my site for details.
I don't game as much as I would like, but almost more than I can

This is my son and me,
celebrating Vasteloavend (Feb 2012)

This is me (Mar 2013),
performing a kusarigama demonstration
at Bercy Sports Arena, before 12.000 visitors

- Boardgaming -

Gaming interest: mostly medium&heavy weight boardgames and light&medium weight wargames. Like Shogun (10), Squad Leader (10), Puerto Rico (10), Stone Age (10), Victory at Midway (9), Victory in the Pacific (9) and Railways of the World (9).

My ratings for games are 100% BGG: based upon the text pop-up. So a '10' is "Outstanding. Will always play and suspect this will never change", etc.

My logged plays are only the games I play Face-to-Face. So PbeM favorites like Paths of Glory have few logged plays, though I've played them number of times.
Further, I started logging July 2007, so my log is trustworthy from then on. Games I'm sure I've played (mostly more then once) I've logged at 2003-01-01 (= predates my BGG membership), so they are removed from my 'unplayed list'

Spiel: Since I live a 1hr drive from Essen, I am almost every year there but only 1 day, pref. the Thursday.

- Videogaming -

Most of what can be said about my videogaming, can be found in my VideoGameGeek of the Week thread

I'm mainly a PC gamer. My current rig is starting to show its teeth: AMD Phenom II X4 805 Processor, 2.5 GHz rated at: 5.25 GHz; 4 GB RAM; AMD Radeon HD 6870; Dolby 5.1 surround; Logitech 2.4 cordless joystick; TrackIR 5+Trackclip Pro

I game a little on my son's Xbox360 and Wii and my wife's iPad.

I'm a mb, having played some (but not all) titles of the series. I'm also a mb. And I do like certain strategy games. I really like TW, so that makes me a mb.

- Microbadges -

Micro badges I designed can be found and purchased: Here
mb _ Horror Games fan
mb _ Battle for Germany fan
mb _ Paths of Glory fan
mb _ Paths of Glory fan
mb _ Shogun / Ikusa fan
mb _ Squad Leader fan
mb _ Victory in the Pacific fan
mb _ Victory in the Pacific fan
mb _ Reiki practitioner
mb _ Karate fan
mb _ Kobudo fan

mb _ ArmA: Armed Assault fan
mb _ Total War fan
mb _ Married With Children fan
mb _ Band of Brothers fan
mb _ Call of Duty series fan
mb _ Rome: Total War fan
mb _ Military Flight simmer
mb _ Civil Flight simmer
mb _ Notepad++ user
mb _ I train my kid to become a wargamer

Intel Skylake Core i5 6500 3.20GHz 6MB Box, Corsair 2x8GB DDR4 2666MHz CL16 Vengeance LPX (red), MSI ATX board Z170A Tomahawk, MSI PCI-e GeForce GTX970 Gaming 4GB, Samsung SSD 850 EVO 2.5" 250GB, Seagate Harddisk 3.5" Desktop HDD ST2000DM001 2TB, Corsair RM550 550W Modular, NZXT Midi Tower Source S340 ATX with Window (black). Windows 7, 64bit. Dolby 5.1 surround; Logitech 2.4 cordless joystick; TrackIR 5 + Trackclip Pro
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Registration Date: 2003-07-29
Last Profile Update: 2016-04-12
Last Login: 2016-05-03
Country: flag Netherlands
Town/City: Venlo
Website: http://www.kobudovenlo.nl
GeekMail: mail Send Private Message to _Kael_
Steam Account: MatthijsI
XBox Live:
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4 24   (10.2%)
3 16   (6.8%)
2 9   (3.8%)
1 4   (1.7%)
Board Game Expansion Ratings 18
Average Rating 6.56
10 0   (0.0%)
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8 6   (33.3%)
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4 0   (0.0%)
3 0   (0.0%)
2 2   (11.1%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Top 10
Hot 10
#1: Caverna: The Cave Farmers
#2: Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign, 1815
#3: Ticket to Ride: Europe
#4: Napoleon's Last Battles
#5: Squad Leader
#6: Airlines Europe
#7: Ikusa
#8: Stone Age
#9: Carcassonne Big Box
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