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I'm an AGRICOLA addict.

First forays into boardgaming was of course playing the 'classics' like Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk. Discovered Games Workshop's Space Hulk during my student days in the UK, then got into WH40k in a big way.

Fast forward a few years, after real life dominated my time. Was introduced to Settlers of Catan & Puerto Rico at a FLGS, then played a lot of TI3, Arkham Horror & Blood Bowl in 2004 & 2005. Got into euro-boardgaming in a big way mid-2006 thanks largely to a dedicated group of eurogamers here, and my collection grew to its modest size today. I like Railroad Tycoon, Age of Steam and 18xx a lot. Guess that makes me a train game fan.

Just to digress a bit, what I truly hate are gamers who play a meta-game of trying to screw me in any game, regardless of whether or not I am actually winning, carried over session after game session. While it may be flattering the first couple of times, it just gets tiresome upon repetition. Any good suggestion to counter such behaviour, other than swearing/showing the finger/physical violence, is welcome. All I've come up with so far is to stop gaming with the f***er.

Was haunted by thoughts of PnP 18xx, particularly 18AL till I finally completed it in Mar 08 after months of slow work. 18GA swiftly followed. Perhaps I'll post a DIY thread with pics at some point.

Am now a big fan of Race for the Galaxy and Agricola!


p.s. I'm actually a running fan, but I like the microbadge for the trailrunner better.

Version: 3.12
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tv-(+) b>++ DI++ D-- G e++ h---- r+++ y++++

2014 mb:appr little thing in life, SWvsST, winners fastest sperm.
2016 mb:eurogamer, plays games w neighbours[rahman,yuda,izzat], KDM fan
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