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Chris Taylor
United States
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My avatar is a picture of a wheel on an old silver mining cart. Taken by my beautiful wife Wendy! She is also my primary gaming friend, (since most of my other gaming friends have moved )

Thanks for the GG frediccini
Shaminder Dhillon

If it's board gaming with AfC buddies or meeting up with the Las Cruces Board Gamers I am there.

Top Ten are my favorite games that I have played

If I had $500 bucks to spend on games the Hot 10 are the games I would buy (not necessarily in order).

I'm currently in the preliminary stages of designing my own strategy game. More details later...
A trial run has been done and new ideas have come out of the trial run...I'll see if I get anywhere with this.

______My Commments and Ranks________

If I have played a game the score is how I feel about the game

My comments on games I haven't played are from the perspective of a potential buy, not necessarily how good the game is. So...

- 1-4 A low ranking game to me is a game I would not be willing to pick up if I suddenly found a copy for $0.50 at a yard sale and it was extremely rare (except to make a quick turn around on ebay).

One more thing, some good reasons I really just plain dislike (very strongly) game themes with vampires,werewolves,zombie and all manner for strange creepy things, so I give them extremely low ranks for this reason alone

- 5-6 is a game I would like to play before I decided to buy

- 7 is a game I would buy, if it was a good deal

- 8 I would pick it with out worrying about whether it is a good game or not

- 9 I would love to find a good deal on this game

- 10 I haven't found a game I couldn't resist, yet

And NO! People message me and ask me why a ranked a game like a did and then suggest I just make a note for my wishlist, if I wanted my wish list to be trashed I would do that, but since I like to keep my wish list small I use this ranking system.

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Registration Date: 2007-11-04
Last Profile Update: 2010-11-09
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Country: flag United States
State: Nebraska
Town/City: Omaha
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Board Game Ratings 294
Average Rating 5.99
10 2   (0.7%)
9 9   (3.1%)
8 60   (20.4%)
7 81   (27.6%)
6 52   (17.7%)
5 27   (9.2%)
4 25   (8.5%)
3 15   (5.1%)
2 10   (3.4%)
1 13   (4.4%)
Board Game Expansion Ratings 6
Average Rating 7.33
10 0   (0.0%)
9 0   (0.0%)
8 2   (33.3%)
7 4   (66.7%)
6 0   (0.0%)
5 0   (0.0%)
4 0   (0.0%)
3 0   (0.0%)
2 0   (0.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Top 10
#1: Shogun
#2: Race for the Galaxy
#3: Puerto Rico
#4: San Juan
#5: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#6: Dominion: Intrigue
#7: Catan
#8: Stone Age
#9: Court of the Medici
#10: Power Grid
Hot 10
#1: Napoleon's Triumph
#2: In the Year of the Dragon
#4: Samurai
#5: Jambo
#6: Yspahan
#7: Alhambra
#8: Metropolys
#9: Catan
#10: Ubongo
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