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Judd Vance
United States
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Every Man a (K-State) Wildcat!
"Just get that sucka to the designated place at the designated time and I will gladly designate his ass...for dismemberment!" - Sho Nuff.
Who am I? {Sho Nuff!} I am the Shogun of Harlem and the LeRoy Greene I'm looking for is a little punk that thinks he's a kung fu master! (Watch the video: it's cinematic gold, I tell ya!)

Oh, you weren't referring to my avatar? Ahhhh.

Well, I'm the stooge that sits on the left of the HAMTAG trio:

I'm also Mark Herman's acolyte and the self-proclaimed biggest Kansas State football fan on BGG among those with avatars of antagonists from 1980s Kung Fu movies.

Once upon a time, I was Geek of the Week, proving it ain't what you know, but who you know. If you want to know what I thought of stuff back in 2011, click that link.

On the table:

Playing via Vassal:

10 Newest Acquisitions

What games do I play?


Worthington Publishing, LLC: By and large, I dig this company's games. They make games with short instructions, disproportionately deeper strategies, and usually 2-3 hour game play. That's my sweet spot. Click that link to see my Worthington collection.

(Herman-Style) Card Driven Games: Games based on Mark Herman's We the People are some of my very favorites.

Area-Impulse: The ones without cards solo well. Not too complicated. I prefer the operational-style ones more, but will play the tactical ones

Block Games: (Click the link to see my collection.) I like Fog of War block games. They don't solo well, but I like the ease of learning and the low number of pieces.

I make lots of Geeklists on wargames.

I sort my wargames by
How hard they were to learn
Chronologically by war

Geeklists about my wargame collection in various categories:
Colonial North American Games
Civil War

Games I made into Vassal modules

Some of my favorite wargames (no order):


There are no "Amerithrash" games nor are there any "Thematic" games. There is just glorious Ameritrash: boxes of awesome, dripping with theme and often containing recycled dinosaurs (a.k.a. "plastic"), conflict, and toxic randomizers. Not for the feint of heart or the refined Eur-ah-gah-mer.

Some of my favorites (no order):


Fun to play with others or fun to play solo. Some of my favorites (no order):


No matter the theme or genre, always a fun back-up for a hotel on a business trip:

Check out my 30 Solitaire Games in 30 days challenge:
Barteus Con: The convention for the rest of us!

Sports Sims:

Some of my favorites (no order):


I'm not a big Eur-ah-gah-mer, but I have a small collection I play with family and non wargaming friends. Some of my favorites (no order):

What games don't I play?
Party Games: If you aren't playing Nuclear War, I'd rather not attend.
Themeless Eurogames. I'll play them if the only other choice is party games or maybe if there is nothing else to play. I really hate Agricola and Kingdom Builder. Look at my list above. You can kind of tell what I like.
Collectable Games. When I was a kid, I collected baseball cards for 25 cents a pack. They didn't help my team win more. That is what collecting is about. If the victor of the game is the one who spent more money, that is a lame game.

More to come. Stay tuned.
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State: Kansas
Town/City: WICHITA
Website: http://thegamebox.gamesontables.com/index.php?board=64.0
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Top 10
#1: Washington's War
#2: Empire of the Sun
#3: Hands in the Sea
#4: Band of Brothers
#5: Shifting Sands
#6: Civil War Campaign Series
#7: Hold the Line
#8: HoldFast: Russia 1941-1942
#9: Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
#10: Commands & Colors: Ancients
Hot 10
#1: Not War But Murder
#2: Caesar at Alesia
#3: Grant's Gamble
#4: Star Trek: Five-Year Mission
#5: Team Yankee
#6: Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #1 – Greece & Eastern Kingdoms
#7: Empires in America (second edition)
#8: The Chosin Few
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