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Hi Santa! Thank you for the great gift and lovely card!

UPD 12/18/2014 Hi Santa, thank you! and Merry christmas.

UPD 11/30/2014 Hi Santa I little bit updated my wishlist, removed Netrunner Order and Chaos, I hope it will not a problem for you

Dear santa

My name is Alexandr or as my friends call me Sanya. I live in Kazakhstan. This country is located on the east of Eurasiacaravanwhitetaj:, next to Russia and China may be you have heard about it.

I've tried to be a good gamer this year. Me and my friend have hosting games at our local “game club” teaching people new games. Also I play a lot of Android: Netrunner in the last couple month it's great game you should try it.

I am more of a Eurogamer rather then an American style gamer but a like game with strong thematic. I like heavy euro and also game with negotiation, like "Game of throne board game" or "Imperial 2030". Card game i like too, "Innovation" and Dominion" the great game. But I’m not a big fan of party game like Dixit or Manchkin, I play it sometimes with friends if I have good mood.

R/ussian is my native language, but I have no problem play game in english, I play english version of Netrunner and Nexus Ops. There are not many games in russian language. Game in english will be fine.

I don't know no one online store in our country. I buy the game in USA and European online store. This is several stores where I order the game.

http://www.milan-spiele.de - this is German store. If you order in that store, price will be lower, because we have no pay VAT tax. I think in other European store also.

I really hope you will have no big problem and big spending with me.blush

P.S. I hope I made not much mistakes, I learn English but I'm not very good.

P.S.S. I understand you are very busy this time of year, but it will be a great pleasure, if you write to me couple word.
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