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Nigel Wright
United Kingdom
Ruddington, Nottingham
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Hornet Leader - Carrier Air Operations
Herge's Adventures of Tintin!
I'm willing to sell any games I have for trade, and to consider swaps beyond whats on my want & wish lists. But be aware of shipping costs: UK trades preferred, EU trades cost me 2x shipping, Rest-of-World (including some non-EU Europe) trades cost me 4x shipping and I may have to pay £8 plus 20% tax on incoming items. You may want to check your shipping costs and taxes as well shake

How I discovered BGG: I'm lucky enough to be able to receive parcels posted to me at work, so I don't have to worry about missing the postman. However I do tend to get rather a lot of parcels which provokes a certain amount of interest, particularly when I say they are games: "What's the game, Pop-Up Pirate?". Huh? I googled it and discovered BGG!

How I became a grognard: Richthofen's War was the game that got me into board wargaming. For several years I saw it advertised in Military Modelling magazine so I was primed when the Nottingham Model Soldier Shop started stocking Avalon Hill, SPI and GDW games. Happy days!

My user name is a reference to General Alcazar, a character in Tintin and the Picaros, and several other adventures. He's someone I can relate to!

My avatar is the logo used on the Belgian 10 euro coin minted in 2004 to commemorate Tintin's 75th birthday. The 75 is also significant as Georges Remi (Herge) died in 1983 at the age of 75. I do of course own one of the 50,000 coins that were minted

Whilst grabbing the images of the 10 euro coin, I've now discovered a 2007 20 euro coin to mark the centenary of Herge's birth! There goes more of my pocket money! laugh

Even though I joined BGG a while back, I've not been that good at logging my plays here, but I'm trying to improve that and also to write a few session reports.

My Hot 10 games are those recently-ish or soon-to-be acquired or seeing table time or otherwise grabbing my attention. I've just noticed that most of my Hot 10 are in fact solitaire games! I suppose that is a fair reflection of the state of things.

My Top 10 are all time greats and in many cases I've picked one game to stand for an entire series. Just arrived is Codeword Cromwell which given Fifth Column Games pedigree is likely to be soon finding a home on this list.

Time was my Wishlist was games I've pre-ordered, or would pre-order if it wasn't for the high shipping and tax from the States, or golden oldies I'd like to acquire or re-acquire. But I'm now embarking on a mission to add a wishlist rating to all the games on my 'want in trade' list. So the above is now ten games taken at random from the games I'd like to trade for.

I'm tending to spend more time on video games at the moment as I have limited space to set up board games - until I tidy up!

I started Folding At Home with Team Geekdō last year(?). I had to bow out in the summer months as my mac mini was throwing out too much heat, but never got back into it again.

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Town/City: Ruddington, Nottingham
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Top 10
#1: Eldritch Horror
#2: Lost Battles
#3: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations
#4: Where There Is Discord: War in the South Atlantic
#5: The Third World War
#6: 2nd Fleet
#7: Nordkapp
#8: Hornet Leader
#9: Avalanche: The Salerno Landings
#10: Gunslinger
Hot 10
#1: Fire in the Lake
#2: Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game
#3: Victory in Europe
#4: Swords & Sorcery
#5: Eldritch Horror
#6: Codeword Cromwell: The German Invasion of England, 8 June 1940
#7: The Games of Middle Earth
#8: Breaking the Chains: War in the South China Sea
#9: Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game
#10: Ambush!
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