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I have been playing games with my family ever since I was a child. Some great classics hit the table back then, most now out of print. Then in the 90s Hoity Toity and later Settlers became favorits of mine but it was not until rather recently (~2005) that I became aware of the huge universe of games out there, hidden away from the shelfs of the large retailers that provide such varied and satisfying gaming-experiences.

I like engaging games that may include a certain degree of luck but generally encourage interaction and offer significant choices to all players. While I do not need conflict, I also do not dislike it. Complexity is nice (I really enjoy Starcraft with exp.) and I generally like Ameritrash but recently I also started playing some heavier Euros like Goa, Agricola, T&E. As long as the theme "pulls me in" and I feel my decisions will have significant impact on my chances to win I will be interested.
Fun games like Space Alert of Formula D will also hit the table if in the right mood and with the right bunch of guys.
My last moves have made me explore CDG and they are currently the type of game I am most fascinated with.

A quick explanation of my Wishlist-System:
"love to have" will be reserved for games I would very much like but won't buy myself. So they make for ideal gifts. (Familymembers, you heard me...)
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