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April 5. My Santa found my package, yuppee!!! The Santa's elves and deer obviously don't communicate very well with the local camels, but it's all in the past now. Santa will re-ship it to the place where postal services do what they are supposed to do, i.e. deliver! ;-) Thank you, Santa!!!

March 31... Well, Santas, I know, I haven't been a good boy this year. The gift that was sent to Jordan (yes, the one shipped on December 20th) DID arrive, but I only found it out today, when it was too late: the central post office (that never informed me about it, never sent it to my local post office - a 20-minutes' drive from the central one - and couldn't find it when I asked a couple of times before) sent it back on March 7th. One could have blamed the local post here, but another gift, sent to a perfectly German postal address in Germany(!) by my Wargamer Santa, never arrived there either...

But don't worry, Santas, I got some games myself, so there WAS something under my Christmas tree ;-) Hopefully I'll be a better boy (or finally get a "normal" postal address) for this year exchange :-)

February 19, 2015. Ok, Santas, here's the last update on the "address-changes-and-delivery-saga" of this year... cool

I am still waiting for the gift from my Santa shipped on 20 December: but that is fine - it looks like all mail gets here on camelback via Arabian desert, and that obviously takes time...

The German address I mentioned before for my wargamer Santa is no longer valid, but nothing seems to have arrived there anyway. So anything can only be sent to my address in Jordan from now on. As mentioned before, it has to be sent from an individual (not a shop) with no mentioning of price (or any numbers) anywhere (inside or outside the box) - otherwise the greedy Jordanian customs will charge me a fortune

If I receive anything I'll certainly post it on the geeklists and in my profile too. If not, hopefully it'll get here in time for Secret Santa 2015 ...

Dear Santas,

The person in Germany, whose address I mentioned for possible delivery, is back, but she didn't receive the parcels yet. Could you maybe tell me where you actually sent it: to Germany or to Jordan? Neither is a problem really (and getting anything to Jordan DOES TAKE TIME ;-) but I would simply know where to look for it...

Sorry for all this shipping confusion this year: hopefully next time it will be all sorted out :-)

Dear Santas!

Don't worry if I haven't yet posted the "gift-received note" in the Geeklists. The person collecting my presents is away and will be back in office only on January 6th. I am sure everything is perfectly fine, but I will only get a "full update" around that date.

Thanks in advance for the wonderful gifts!

That is the LAST UPDATE for my Santas!
I've got my NEW SHIPPING ADDRESS yuppee!!!

Alexei Gartinski
c/o Arpi Melik-Adamyan
Wichernstrasse 5,
53129, Bonn, Germany

That will solve all the customs and shipping problems for you! And I will peacefully collect all my presents in person in January :-)

Dear Santas,

As of today, 20 November, my wish list is up-to-date. Yes, I know it is small (and got a bit smaller just today), but at least nearly all on it is currently in stock at most online retailers...

I will get a confrmation about the shipping address in Germany early next week (and so far it looks possible, fingers crossed) For delivery to Germany - when it is confirmed - you can easily use PHILIBERTNET.COM : great stock, shipping in Europe is fast and cheap, very very reliable.

Another update for my generous Santas, sorry :-)

As one of you suggested, this week I'll also explore a possibility to receive my gifts in Germany. As soon as my contacts there confirm that they could receive it for me, I'll post my new shipping address here. And don't worry about the timing: if all goes as planned, I'll be back to Germany in January - with a big-big backpack to collect my presents ;-)

Sorry for all this hustle, hopefully it's not too confusing...

Dear Santas!

Just a quick note about my wish-list. I will be in Germany next week, and a big part of my programme is game-hunting. So please hold on your elves: I will update my wish list when I am back, around November 23rd :-)

Dear Santas!

Getting your stuff to Jordan is a little bit tricky, since Jordanian Customs don't know much about you, Santa, or boardgames in general - they think it is some kind of videogames, and are first VERY happy when they see a BIG BOX ("there must be so many CDs and DVDs to charge customs dues!"), and then VERY VERY disappointed when they find none inside. At that point they get VERY VERY VERY unhappy, and when a customs official is unhappy, the client always has to PAYS...

In short, the best way to get any games here is to send it NOT directly from the shop, but from your home, having carefully REMOVED ANY pieces of paper mentioning anything related to any price or cost (here they even charge you for the cost of shipping, can you imagine?) Online shops cannot do that, they have to include the bills to get the game cleared through their own national customs.

Sorry for making it more complicated than it could have been, Santa. I hope next year I will be in a place where there are no Jordanian customs ;-)
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