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Amos Dillman
United States
South Bend
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I'll say some things about myself here.

I like games.

I guess that's obvious. I don't know what general box I fit into. I enjoy strategy and well-executed theme. I don't enjoy complex rules purely for the sake of complex rules, so I tend towards 'Euro' games. But I don't like that box, and I'm far more interested in how the mechanics and ideas of all the categories can influence one another. I like well balanced and elegant mechanics implemented in fun, thematic ways. Yup.

Videogames Too.

Strategy again. I like Civ building, turn-based tactics like Fire Emblem or Advance Wars, and whatever.

I've always liked RPGs (my favorite genre growing up). Mainly Eastern when I was younger. More Western today. Chrono Trigger. Dragon Age. Elder Scrolls. Witcher. Things like that.

And I like lots of classic Nintendo (or Nintendo inspired). Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi's Island, Zelda, Banjo Kazooie.

Other Life Interests?

I enjoy thinking. The philosophical-theological type. The Dao. The Logos. Simplicity. Sustainability. Guiding concepts that I enjoy.

Some random people whose thoughts have formed me for a long time are JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, St Thomas Aquinas, John Wesley, NT Wright...

The books I read.

Are usually speculative fiction or philosophy/theology.

Of course I'm into some of the spec fiction classics like Lord of the Rings, Dune, whatever. Some lesser read works of modern fantasy that I think are quite good are Stephen Lawhead's King Raven Trilogy, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, and especially R Scott Bakker's Prince of Nothing Trilogy.

^ If you like modern epic fantasy like Malazan or A Song of Ice and Fire, R Scott Bakker is more than worth your time.

I watch shows and movies too.

Like the rest of the modern world, I guess.

For tv, a few things I especially like in no particular order are Angel, Star Trek (DS9!), Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Community, Parks & Recreation, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Avatar, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Spice & Wolf, Fullmetal Alchemist.

And with movies, some random favorites here include things like Signs, Count of Monte Cristo, Thank You For Smoking, The Prestige, Last Samurai, the LOTRs, Office Space, The Incredibles, Fight Club, Bourne Trilogy, Inception...

Do I listen to music?

Yes. It really just depends. Lately, I've been more focused on worshipful stuff like David Crowder Band, Glorious Unseen, Trinity Vineyard, Jesus Culture... Historically I've liked bands such as Disciple, Five Iron Frenzy, Dead Poetic, Over the Rhine, Pillar, older Switchfoot. My library is in serious need of some updating. It is what it is.
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