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Secret Santa Updates


YUMMY! Thank you Citron and Santa for the delicious goodies! I retrieved the beautiful blue box and am munching on a reindeer right now. We are wrapping some gifts, and the gingerbread really puts me in a holiday mood!

(Prior update) The package has arrived! I am waiting until either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to open, so a family member is wrapping and placing under the tree. I am excited about what awaits! Thank you Santa!


To my 2015 Secret Santa - My wishlist is still a work in progress, but only because there are several games I want to try out at BGG.con next week! DONE!

I have added the games that I enjoyed most at the con or saw and did not play but would love to have. If you decide to go with something not on my wishlist, I am sure I will love it.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask me using the secret santa account and geekmail.

I wrote you a little letter as well.

Happy Holidays Santa!

First, I would like to take the time to say THANK YOU for being my Secret Santa this year, and I hope that you will not have too hard of a time picking out my gift. If I can be of further help, let me know.

Second, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This is my favorite time of year, filled with baking, family, and a giving spirit that seems to spread among people. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!

I know that you are very busy this time of year, so I have written you a letter to help you learn a few things about me. If there is something more that you would like to know, feel free to ask!

This is my second time to participate in the BGG Secret Santa. I am SUPER excited, perhaps even more about my giving than I am about what might end up under the tree for me!

I have placed a few items on my wishlist, and I am working now on updating my personal collection. If you are looking at what I already own, please also take my boyfriend's collection into consideration. We live together, so if he owns a game, then it is already available to me. He is Fullhouse751.

I may be adding have now adeded a few games to my wishlist after BGG.con this year, but of course I know that time is of the essence for shipping and delivery. So if you use the list information as it is or select a special something before then, I will understand. I just wanted you to know that my wishlist is likely to grow after next week at the con.

Feel free to use any method of delivery you like. One option I will offer is that my boyfriend is willing to protect your secret identity and act as a delivery facilitator at BGG.con if you will be there. (potential shipping savings). He could pick up a package and ensure it is not accessed until Christmas. I love surprises, so there would be no attempt on my part to open or otherwise compromise the secrecy of a package until Christmas or the opening date requested by my Secret Santa, if they requested a different opening date. So if bringing a gift to BGG makes sense for you, contact Jeremy Freeman (Fullhouse751) to arrange something. Be sure to include SECRET SANTA FOR AMY in the subject. I also included information about the FLGS that we order from in my registration. (Third Planet in Houston, TX)

I have recently updated my wishlist and added comments to help make choosing a present for me a little easier. I have tried to "rate" my wishlist to show which games are the ones I'm most interested in obtaining first by marking them as "must haves"... BUT I would be more than happy to receive any of the games on my wishlist!

My taste in games is pretty broad, but I do love deduction games, co-operative games, party games, and games that have unusual components, provided the game play is interesting as well. I also have been trying to build a collection of non-competitive games that work well with 2 players, since my boyfriend and I do spend some of his very limited free time playing together, but we do not always enjoy games that are highly competitive when it is just the two of us. (Unless you count the cat…but probably not a good idea, though he does love to “play” with the game pieces when we set up a game in our apartment.)

If there's nothing on the wishlist that tickles your fancy, Santa, don't hesitate to send something you think I'd like, even if it's not on my list, as long as it seems to fit with what you know about me. Knowing that you've taken the time to select something you think I would like is what means the most to me. I am also fine with dinged and/or dented, or gently used games. The important thing is that a game is playable. I love finding a game that others do not have interest in or time to play, and giving it a good home where it is played and appreciated. I would be happy with anything on there. I would also be fine with used games if all the pieces are there and they are in good condition.

I'm sure that you will make me a very happy gamer this Christmas! I am so excited for the chance to do this again. I am looking forward to Christmas for so many reasons, but seeing what you have in store just adds to my excitement! Feel free to contact me using the Santa account if you need anything!

I have tried to stay on the "nice" list this year in many ways…treating others as I hope to be treated, donating food and clothes to the homeless, teaching games to friends who are new to the hobby, and helping my boyfriend de-stress from a long day of law school classes just to name a few. Fingers crossed that I am on the “nice” list with you!

So, my wonderful Santa, I will leave it up to you what you wish to buy me this year for Christmas! I'm sure you will make me very happy! I have filled out my wishlist and checked it twice and tried to rate it and comment on it to help you out with choosing the perfect gift. If you need more help, feel free to Geekmail via the Santa account and I will answer here.

What else? ..... Feel free to ninja taunt ninja and make things fun, I love the idea of participation in the process!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Amy whistle


Also, please let me know if you want me to put my gift under the tree and open it on Christmas Day, or if you want it opened sooner. I will be happy either way....I have read in the past that Santas have requested different opening timing.

Thanks again for the letter, it made my day!



History of a gamer: The early years
I started playing games with family, but did not enter the world of gaming as I know it now until 2003. I learned to play Canasta with my grandmother, and I still love playing it when I get the chance.

It was in 2003 that I was introduced to Settlers of Catan and Eurorails, both as two player games.

After meeting the Houston Gamers in 2004, I began to learn new games at a rapid pace. Eventually I also began to playtest with a small group of designers and players. I also worked with APE Games for a few years.

Being involved in each of the stages and aspects of gaming has shaped who I am as a gamer.

I was named the Cookie Pimp years ago, and the reputation is one that follows me in gaming circles and among my non-gaming friends as well. I love to bake and look forward to the opportunity to try out new cookie recipes and ingredients!

I could go on (and ON...and ON....) but this is a start.

Feel free to ask me ANYTHING else.... I just might answer!

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