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Alistair Stafford
New Zealand
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I wish I had some loftier reason but at a base level I just like "playing with toys" and being with my friends. I like the tactile nature of board games and I love the shared moments that board gaming generates. I love the quietness, the loudness, the laughs, the tears, the whoops, the arrrrrrghs, the comebacks, the defeats, the schadenfreude, the stories, the people, the family.
I could go on.
This is a great and varied hobby.

My gaming history

I have played games from an early age encouraged by my parents who bought me games nearly every christmas/birthday. All of which I still have. Through school it was Cards, Pit, Risk, Axis and Allies. Plus party games at family gatherings (I still love a good party game)
Then I found Civilization (the eagle games version) which brought me to BGG. I had played settlers once before and was reminded of it...
My friends pooled together and bought it and we played it to death...
More classic euros followed and then we discovered Fantasy Flight's Twilight Imperium.
Long game sessions were not uncommon but we loved it.
Heavier euros followed but aggressive, themed, fast paced Ameritrash still remained a favourite for me.
Now I'm starting to prefer games which have stories to them. I want to escape and explore a new world...Arkham Horror for example, If I'm not playing I can still hang out in Lovecraft's imagination by reading his books.

My other interests are:
Walking (for a few days in the bush or mountains if possible)
British Comedy and Stand up
Cafe Crawling
Movie Making

My main gaming opponents are:
My wife (who usually beats me)
The North Shore game group
My friends
My sister

As said above the sort of games I really love have story elements or are games where people talk a lot and laugh with each other, hence my like of co-op and social games. That said I do sometimes enjoy medium - heavy euros but I think they often lack a bit in the 'fun experience' department.

Games like Battlestar Galactica, Arkham Horror, Space Hulk, Last night on Earth, Warrior Knight, Shogun, Tales of Arabian Nights, Memoir 44, Agricola, Mansions of Madness, Roborally, Resistance, Dixit, Mascarade, 1960:the making of the president are ones that I enjoy even if doing terribly and this is a sign of a quality game in my opinion.
Some of my favourite qualities to games are: Hidden roles, Characters, Psychological Manipulation, and Schadenfreude. I like games where you make a plan and then slowly watch it unfold and fall apart.
I am also starting to really enjoy card driven games and historical games.
Twilight Struggle, 1960, 1775, Paths of Glory.

I must also admit that I'm a sucker for nice graphics and pieces hence my like of Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder games, and recently Z-man games.
Especially Fantasy Flight because games at their heart are toys and anyone getting all high and mighty about strategy, optimal moves, and elegance is fooling themselves.

In the RPG domain:
Warhammer Fantasy RPG (3rd Edition): has almost everything I look for in a game. However I find it very difficult to get this to the table as my group consists of a member of the armed forces, a musician, and expectant mum, and a Phd so there are many conflicting timetables.
D&D: Have played 3.5 a small amount and have just started playing 5. So far really enjoying it.
Fiasco: Roleplaying without all the work beforehand and a simple non number crunchy system. YES! This appeals to my film predilections.
End of the World: Rules Light Apocalypse. Enjoying this vis Google Hangouts.

As of 2014 I have got to a point where "cult of new" stuff just does not interest me anymore (actually this happened long before, I have just realised it this year). The games themselves mostly do not matter as to whether I enjoy something or not. It is always about the people.


Favourite RPGs


Recently played

HOT GAMES: Games I am thinking about most/most wanting to play

Keep gaming whatever the game!meeplecaravancornyellowtrainA and remember donkeys are aliens!

Randoms from my collection

Below are my microbadges: Pokemon, Doctor Who, and Monopoly Fan were from the 2011 April Fools Easter Egg hunt. I do not really like any of these three things. Monopoly is probably the one I like most of the three...
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#1: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
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