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I started board gaming around 1978 when I received Dungeon! for Christmas from the Big Red Guy with the sack. I took that game with me everywhere as if it were my magical tome of all things awesome. I would want to stay in my dad's truck while my parents shopped so that I could re-read the rules and play to see how much loot I could acquire before my parents got back. I was hooked.

In high school I found a group of friends that liked to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition). A few board games would find their way into my closet during this time (Combots and 4th-dimension), but my friends preferred roleplaying over board games. Eventually I wound up selling both for extra gas money.

Over the years board games faded into the noise of reality, and around 2005 I found my way back to board games after spending some time playing Rolemaster with a group that was also into board games. I believe RoboRally and The Settlers of Catan were the first board games I had played in many years. That reignited the gaming flame and eventually I found the almighty 'geek. That, in turn, led to an explosion of cash leaving my wallet.

Within a year I picked up two Heroscape sets with some expansions, Dungeon Twister, Runebound 2nd Edition, Blue Moon with all the expansions up to that point, Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers, and Tsuro.

Now I'm always on the look out for new games, and there's never enough on my shelves.

Thank you BoardGameGeek!

(Yes, my writing stinks. Sorry...)

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#1: Blue Moon
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#9: Java
#10: The Downfall of Pompeii
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#1: Silent War
#2: Battlestar Galactica
#3: Galaxy Trucker
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#6: World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game
#7: Mr. Jack
#8: Magic: The Gathering
#9: Target Arnhem: Across 6 Bridges
#10: AT-43 Initiation Set: Operation Damocles
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