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Andres F. Pabon L.
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I'm a guy who loves all kinds of gaming: from role playing games to PC games, and obviously: board games.

I got hooked to this hobby back in 2002 (I never before thought boardgames could be this fun, but with the offerings you get here in Colombia, that's more than justified), and although my collection is not as large as I'd want, it certainly has the purest gems I've been able to grab.

I'm happily married, and my wife, although not a gamer, usually enjoys a gaming night once a month or so. We usually play with some friends, but the friends tend to seldom be the same ones. I also try to play with a group of local gamers at least once a month.

Game play is usually very tame, but I get the chance to be aggressive playing online occasionally on BSW. My login there is the same I use here, by the way! I also play on Yucata, JSP, Boiteajeux, MaBiWeb, SpielByWeb and most any other online gaming site I know of.

I have a little son, who was born on September 1st 2008. Still too young to play "serious" board games, but he's already hooked on Go Away Monster!, Animal Upon Animal and the ever present Chutes and Ladders. Now, if you check my game ratings, you know I hate the latter one, but I keep playing with little Tomas, so one day he can learn how to play better games.

This is what I'm craving for right now:

And here's my "steam card":

Besides gaming, I also enjoy everything listed in this profile. However, gaming is my truest, purest hobby, and nothing can compare to it in terms of the interest and time I put into (save for my wife and little son).

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Registration Date: 2003-05-09
Last Profile Update: 2013-09-06
Last Login: 2016-05-03
Country: flag Colombia
State: DC
Town/City: Bogotá
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Steam Account: afpabon
Battle.Net Account: afpabon
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