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My hot 10 are games I want to play [again] soon.


I've procrastinated for several years on sharing my card game with the internet, so here's a rough draft (this should motivate me to clean it up until it's presentable) :


Trick-taking card game with a regular deck of cards, for 3 or 4 players.

Point-trick, with no bidding, like Hearts; with trumps, like Spades.

The central concept is that each suit is different.

Clubs and spades, the black cards, are worth positive (good) points.

Hearts and diamonds, the red cards, are worth negative points.

One black suit, spades, and one red suit, diamonds, are trump suits.

The deal, passing, and trick-taking play are the same as in Hearts, except where noted.

Scoring is different: Both hearts and diamonds count against you, while clubs and spades are good to take.

The number cards, 1-10, count 1 point each; the face cards, JQK, 2 points; and the Aces count 3.

Shooting the moon: If you take no black cards, you have gone "all red", and your red cards count as positive!

The high card of the led suit wins, or if one or more trump cards were played, the high trump. Following suit does not count as trumping, so for example a low diamond can trump a spades trick. If there's a tie for high trump, the more recently played of the two wins.

No suit need wait to be "broken" as in Hearts or Spades.

The weirdest rule: You may play a straight of two or more consecutive cards in the same suit. They'll all be taken by the winner of the trick. Only the highest card in the straight is considered when deciding who wins the trick (i.e., don't add them up). This is a good way to quickly void a suit, or to dump extra cards on someone.

Yes, this means hand sizes will be uneven. When a player runs out of cards, they sit out until the end of the hand. If they won their final trick, the lead passes to their left. When only one player is remaining, he wins all the cards in his hand.

Other minor details:
The player with the high score after an agreed-upon number of rounds wins.

The player to the dealer's left leads the first trick. This should rotate each hand. Alternate rule: The 2 of clubs leads each hand.

For 4 players, deal 13 cards each, and pass 3 cards before play begins - to the left the first time, right the second, across the third, and one to each opponent the fourth.

For 3 players, 17 cards each, and pass 4 left/4 right/2 to each opponent.

In 3-player games, turn the 52nd card face up. Any player may play it as if it were in their hand, but only as part of a straight. If no one does by the end of the hand, it goes to the winner of the last trick.

It turns out this works great as a 4-player team game, with partners sitting across the table from each other. Scores are shared, but players go "all red" individually, not as a team.

5-player games are chaotic, but workable. Deal 10 cards each, with 2 "out cards". It would probably work better with a 60+ card deck.

Suits is playable as a quick 2-player duel, too. Draft your 13 card hand: Shuffle the deck, then take turns looking at 2 cards, keeping one and discarding the other. Look at the cards one at a time, so if you commit to keeping the first, you must discard the second, and vice versa.

I wouldn't mind having a cooler name for this game. It's been going by Suits for over 10 years. The reasoning was that it's like Hearts and Spades, but all four suits are special. Maybe hades, or spurts. Various themes could work, e.g. Planescape: Hearts->Baatezu, Clubs->Archons, Diamonds->Tanar'ri, Spades->Eladrin.
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