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Bryan Cooper
United States
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Time to edit this mother. I have been here almost five years now after all.

I am a Board Game player in Dallas, TX, HOWEVER, I hate being classified as a Texan. I am an Okie through and through with the usual Okie sensibilities of making sure my neighbor's kitchen never has less flour than mine and always thanking the mailman.

My usual crew here in Dallas plays LOTS of euros and strategy, but we generally eschew miniatures. We gather about once a month and attend BGG.Con as a gang (seriously, we even have gang signs). Carrolton Gaming Group

I played Risk as a wee toddler between dust storms and tornadoes with my friends, but really fell in love gaming when a high school buddy brought over Eon's original Cosmic Encounter and I got the Filch flare card with the stated game effect of "You may cheat...". This thought had never occurred to me and to see it codified in black and white was a mind-freeing experience the likes of which Carlos Castenada would envy.

From there I began picking up the oddities in the back of the comic book store: Quirks, Car Wars, Illuminati. And I began picking up the other oddities at the back of the comic book store: Jeff, Bert, David, Paul
Paul Kimmel
United States
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From college on I either founded or joined up with gaming groups in every city I lived in: Stillwater, OK (Oklahoma State University grad; Go Pokes), Tulsa, and Dallas.

I have two daughters. Both of whom have given me significantly less grief than I gave my parents, so there is still a big karma shoe waiting to drop on me.

My wife is wonderful, funny, beautiful, and takes absolutely zero crap from me. She joins up with some of the less fiddly games we play and loves my game crew enough to let them into the house on occasion.

My avatar comes from an amazing eye-popping comic book precursor to what comic books could be from the early eighties. Without Howard Chaykin's American Flagg there would have been no Watchmen, Sandman, or Dark Knight.

Finally, I live in the urine stained back-alley of this site known as GeekQuestions. A feature, I am sure, that was intended to help out new players to the hobby but has become something else entirely. The poor soul that wanders into that section of the site and asks a clarification of Free Parking is not likely to see the light of day again. Some of my favorites:
I think my uncle...
How many kittens...
Hypothetically, let's say I abducted one of the Bangles...

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