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Avatar - "Angel of the Flowing Light" ~Cecil Collins

‘Angels belong to the open sky of eternity. They live the oxygen of God, the only reality which keeps us alive. They are also images of what is the highest in us.’ ~Cecil Collins

I am not that big a fan of "Angel art", but I am a fan of Cecil Collins!

General game buying considerations:
1. Re-playability.
2. Interesting mechanics.
3. Allows for exploration of various strategies and tactics.
4. Luck allowed, but most of the time outcome determined by skill.

Other game buying considerations (war games):
1. Flexible with history and exploring alternative outcomes. As long as the major dynamics in the conflict are highlighted in the game play and the actual outcome fits within the spectrum of possible game endings, I am more than happy with historical "accuracy".
2. Seeks to model command dynamics of the conflict. I don't like war games that seek to model OB/TOE, train schedule-like arrival of re-enforcements and omniscient, omnipotent control of ones forces. Much prefer games where you have to manage risk in uncertain environments.
3. Proper counter density. If you are stacking units more than 3 deep all over the board, the game is probably not scaled properly.
4. Dynamic map with little counter congestion. Games where you have two walls of counters locked in a mostly static push are not very engaging.
5. Small rule set. More simple, effective and streamlined mechanics and less fiddly chrome.

NOTE: Good games may violate some of these guidelines if they make up for it in other areas. ASL is an obvious one as it steps over and crushes some of these guidelines with regard to rules and counter density, but it is brilliant in re-playability and map dynamics.

Game ratings (adopted from other gamers here on BGG):

10: Outstanding game. One of my all-time personal favorites.
9: Excellent game. Always a pleasure to play. Shines under most circumstances.
8: Very good game. Rarely disappoints me. High on my request/recommend list.
7: Good game. Usually willing to play. I might even request or recommend it.
6: OK game. Some fun or challenge at least. Enjoyable in the right circumstances.
5: Average game. I'm indifferent, but may be willing to play.
4: Below average game. I avoid playing and would need to be persuaded.
3: Poor game. Will strongly resist playing.
2: Very poor game. I refuse to play this.
1: Dead game. Seriously negative entertainment value. Black Hole of Fun.

Dice Towers: I had fun designing/building this:

I am working on a new dice tower design... rather a modification of a cool design I encountered on the web. Will post pics when it is done.

One word -> Joel
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