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Ken Dilloo
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What? You make with the funny stuff?
The Ginger Ninja
Hi, I'm Ken. Since I have been collecting games, and posting here more and more over the past couple years, thought I should actually sit down and put something up here. So, now I will subject you to my Uncle Teddy-esque manifesto.

Not surprisingly I love games, and have come to a conclusion about the games I like and don't like. The games I love are those that integrate mechanics to theme in a meaningful way. Maybe the best example would be Agricola, but I am also a burgeoning Martin Wallace fanboy; as I am a sucker for historical context, with this theme/mechanics marriage. Besides MW, if I could pre-order Vital Lacerda's next 5 games, I probably would. Also, games that pull off a high degree of strategic depth, with a simple rule-set are always near and dear to my heart. Things like early Knizia works, or games like Santiago.

Overall though, it comes down to how many interesting decisions do I have to make, thoughout the time it takes to play the game. You may not be able to tell by my huge, hilarious, thought-provoking posts, but I am also quite into weight training. There, it boils down to not how much you can lift, but how much you lift per hour. I feel the same about board games. How many interesting decisions needed to be made per unit of time?

Therefore, the games I really dislike are those sort-of thematic slogs, that generally over-stay their welcome, and leave me feeling like I didn't really excercise my noggin.

Oh, and I also do some playtesting, mainly for Fantasy Flight Games, and so far have really enjoyed it. My background is in the sciences, so it is pretty much up my alley. I have worked on quite a few projects for FFG now, but most notably would be the Call of the Wild and Laboratory expansions for Mansions of Madness.

Dearest Santa,
Please be gentle, please be kind, this is my first Secret Santa at this time.

Oh, BGG, how you flood my life with such wonderful people. If games are my church, than you are my MFn steeple.

Dear Santa
Yesterday, some Amazonian Elves left a nice heavy package on my porch. I am being a good boy, and not opening it. Thanks Santa!!

Edit; OK, Santa I peeked. Thanks!
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