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So, a little bit about me.

I'm a 35-year-old software engineer with a wife and two small boys.

I got into this whole eurogaming scene with a combination of Ticket to Ride on the xbox and my wife saying, "you know, we should play a game...but like a real game." Some hobby stores and stuff later, I'm here.

Previous to this, highschool was a mix of MtG, Battletech, Shadowrun, and D&D. What I really like about this whole 'thing' is that I feel like Heroscape is the experience I was really looking for in Battletech---something fast and tactical, and Arkham Horror is everything D&D wasn't, when done by highschool-aged DMs.

...and right now I'm getting a whole bunch of suspenseful experiences that are just entirely new to me. I've never been good enough in sports to compete, so it's great to have something where I can at least hold-my-own.

I do like the resource euros and knizia games, I've been known to play a few, but I'm really trying to get deep into Ameritrash with other people interested in being deep in Ameritrash. Same goes for most of Bruno Faidutti. My collection reflects that of a gamer that meets with a lot of non-gamers who don't own games, and gamers that do.

The winning and the scoring of a game is fun, but the overarching emotions behind it are the real interesting parts for me. ...and I'm looking for folks that are into that. While yes, I can convince people to go through the motions of Citadels and try to score and win while they play it, to find people who really like playing it for playing it's sake... it's hard to find.
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