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Richard Hedke
United States
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What's that spraying out my ass? Oh, it's sunshine!
I loved board games as a child and the love never died, it just got really sick for a while and started coughing up blood and soiling the carpets. My oat-sowing days saw an active pursuit of such games as the chain toy stores offered. The coming of children put an end to such frivolous pastimes for a decade and a half while I pursued other interests. Then in December of 2005 a BGGer (foretfam) told me of a magical land in the realm of cyberspace where the fun never ends and all things game live in peace and harmony. Sadly, I have since been pulled into the hellish nightmare of game addiction, constantly on edge awaiting the next game fix. If you are reading this then presumably misery loves company. It remains a cursed fact of my existence that I can and do buy games MUCH faster than I can play them. To my shame, I find most of my gaming partners are those I can threaten to throw out on the street if they refuse to play with me (or so they humor me to think).

If you are reading this because some comment I made in a thread has offended you, please be assured it was most likely intentional and I am having a jolly good laugh at your expense.

If by some chance you find yourself moved to add me as a Geek Buddy I feel it only fair to warn you that you would have far more luck with a pet, perhaps a bird of some kind.

Note on my top ten: Since I am too damn lazy to update such a list I feel all would be best served if I left it blank.

Note on my hot ten: I don't like hot things.
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Registration Date: 2006-02-21
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