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Benjamin Wells Kerenza
United Kingdom
W Yorkshire
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About me

Besides my complicated boardgaming needs I am about the get married (to a former Peace Studies student) on 27th October and we will be enjoying the day with our 5 1/2 month old daughter who caused the whole thing to be postponed from the summer. We live fairly low impact but in a large city which is great and we try to do all those hippy things with our child like carry it around in a sling sleep in the same bed with it and avoid overly gendered clothes and toys.

By day I work in web development and code CMS systems and play with javascript to aid the designs and sites we work on.

Other hobbies include lots of things I don't really have time for. We have a lot of outdoor swimmers in our group f friends, my partner included. I like sports like climbing and would like to do more kayaking but don't get the opportunity very often. I like crafting things too and have just finished the waistcoat for my wedding. It was an exciting day when my parents found their old hand loom and jewelry kiln in the attic and gave them to me. So far the kiln has mainly been used to make game counters.

Hope this gives you a good background. Told you it would be too long but in case you feel you missed something feel free to ask and I'll tack it on the bottom.
I'm really looking forward to stalking my prey to figure them out and hopefully get them something nice. It's my first year as an SS and very much looking forward to it.

Choosing games

I have two massively conflicting criteria for board games. I love over complicated in depth potentially long games. Like Agricola but also like the look of games like Roads & Boats and High Frontier. Anything where you build up a little economy or empire. Unfortunately I have no one else to play these games with and the people I do have to play games with are just too intimidated by games with lots to do, one even decided Carcasonne was beyond him but I think that was situational. have tried to post a mix with games that everyone could play rated slightly higher. The second issue is that I shy away from conflict themes like war, which is why Agricola is great and why Through the Ages which would be great (for me alone) probably wouldn't work.

Hey Jordan

Wow, thank you so much for all the gifts. They have definitely worked out well. Snowdonia was a hit and the other additions were greatly appreciated. I was particularly excited to open the NL deck cards on Christmas day as I had checked shire games and they were sold out. Excited despite my brother in law beating me with the ice-skate sharpener .

Hope you have a great year.

All the best, Ben
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