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November 28

Okay, Santa, I have entered my gifts on the Secret Santa Geeklist, entry 619 - here is the link (I think - my nerd fu is weak):


Thank you so much for your generosity! I can't wait for these to hit the table!

November 27

Hey, Santa! I got the package from the post office, and thank you so much for the games! I of course could not wait to open them (even though the wrapping looked great!) in the hopes of getting them on the table to play as soon as possible! You made some excellent choices!

I will post in the games received geek list ASAP. Happy holidays!

Hello, Secret Santa (and anyone else who might be snooping around)!

I hope you have had a good year up in the North Pole. I'm sure you were relieved once that elf union strike was settled! It's been a tough year here. I had to change schools because of budget cuts, and while the honors classes I am teaching are great, the other classes have been a real handful. I am still dealing with an injured ankle that is keeping me from running. We did a huge house renovation that was difficult to endure, but the final results have been fantastic. The worst part of it was having most of my game collection in storage for 3 months!

My wife, my friends, my dogs, and games have helped me keep my sanity. Just received two games I kickstarted last week - Wharfside and The Gallerist - still waiting to get them to the table. There are other games I am eager to acquire, but I suppose I should wait to see what your elves come up with before I buy anything that could be a duplicate.

To give you a hint as to what I like - I tend to favor certain mechanics like worker placement, variable player powers, and development/growth. My top seven games are

1.7 Wonders
2. Fleet
3. Glory to Rome (black box edition)
4 to 7. varies among Hawaii, Voyages of Marco Polo, Viticulture, and Russian Railroads

I play primarily with a group of friends. We meet once a week and call ourselves the Westside Spielers. I (Unfortunately rarely) play with my wife, and I love attending local gaming conventions. I go to GenCon every year, but I have been playing and volunteering for True Dungeon so long and so much it has really become True Dungeon Con!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I promise I have been a good boy this year!


I am a true comics-reading, Firefly-watching, game-playing geek. I am a history teacher, a runner, a True Dungeon adventure coordinator, and a married guy with two little dogs. I played D&D since 8th grade, but haven't played in a long time. I got into M:tG about 10 years ago, but stopped and sold my collection. I really got into board games when we moved out to California.
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